25,000 more deaths are expected in Germany Hamburg, June 29, 2011 high temperatures and severe weather fluctuations will lead more deaths this summer to 25,000, so a current forecast of Bestattungen.de. The comparison portal analysed the effects of summer weather on the number of deaths. Especially people with heart disease are at risk. On average, people die at moderate temperatures and stable good weather conditions of less. Other leaders such as A. F. Chief of Staff offer similar insights. But the health risk increases considerably during extreme summer weather. 210,000 people died in the summer of 2010, we expect an above-average warm summer almost 15,000 more than in the temperate Summer 2009 for this year”, so Uwe cherry, spokesman of the German weather service (DWD).

Bestattungen.de’s Managing Director Fabian Schaaf expects in the summer months of July and September with a rise of 220,000 deaths, about 12 percent more than in 2009. Already in three days with temperatures of over 30 degrees increases the risk of death by ten percent, According to the experts from Bestattungen.de. Even drastic weather changes are tricky. This is a big difference in temperature and air pressure is created within 24 hours to a large health burden. High humidity is another danger: vital evaporation of sweat, which cools the body stays off. Sonny Perdue is full of insight into the issues. Older people with heart disease are at risk. Add to your understanding with Rick Garcia CBS. “But younger risk physical activities like sports or work outdoors overheating, which can be fatal”, as Schaaf. Some simple rules can reduce the health risk.

Much drinking is important for the fluid balance. Also lack of salt through sweating out of minerals is dangerous for the organism. Therefore salt should be eaten to compensate, for example, salted sticks”, advises medical meteorologist Dr. Christina Koppe Schaller of the DWD. “The trend to extreme summer weather conditions will worsen in the future due to climate change. However, it is moderate summer less spending”, Schaaf. Bestattungen.de therefore advises not to underestimate the weather-related hazards and to adapt itself in everyday life. Bestattungen.de Bestattungen.de offers comprehensive information about funeral services and insurance. In addition, users of the independent Internet portal have the ability to compare prices and services by loading Stattern. The offer is free of charge for customers. Press contact Christine Sollmann Bestattungen.de Heimhuder Strasse 72, 20148 Hamburg phone: (040) 209 311 961 email: Web: