Press the button in the Windows 7 "to roll the windows in the lower right hand corner I did it, but to work with the scroll bar that runs along the right edge of the screen – not always, had strongly pressure, and still often perceived not touch on the scroll bar slider, and next. But this is perhaps the only serious flaws, and they appear only on parts of the interface is not optimized for palets.Nakonets in Windows 7 processed on-screen keyboard and pen input device, to work, they have become much better. Firstly, I was amazed at the accuracy of recognition handwriting in Russian. In my not very good handwriting Windows managed to correctly identify almost anything, even put the right case. Problems started only in words, which apparently was not in the embedded dictionary – there accuracy drops, but only slightly.

In most cases, I managed to successfully write the name of the desired vebsaytov.Na English issues have been a little more – apparently I'm a little unusual write some letters. For example, the system often took the title I for 1. But in general the quality of recognition is very good. In addition, the program designed interface works with a stylus. It is convenient to edit the entered letters, for example, if the system misinterpreted one letter in the middle of the word. Function smoothly animated letters in the word fun to part in hand-editing. The onscreen keyboard is very pleased with its design. Incidentally, the paranoid can use it when you enter passwords in order to deceive the keyboard shpionov.Paru Seen a funny glitch: when I switch the screen from the position of the tablet into a notebook or vice versa, the picture is turned 180 degrees, and the orientation of the cursor – net.Na screen you can draw and write notes, there is special application-analog pad for handwriting.