as we go ahead locating in them of God to be warlike on this land? How to save the wheat that is in the way joio it? The first reply if it inside finds of we ourselves therefore the justice headquarters and the love to the next one already is signalling flags of that you are a son of God because she is not agreed to with injustice nor feels hatred for its fellow creature, therefore, the children of the light are not accompanied by with the children of the darknesses. The second question has its reply in Romans 10:11 the 15: ' ' Inasmuch as the Writing says: all that one that in it to believe will not be confused, therefore does not have distinction between Jew and Greek, a time who the same is Sir of all, rich stops with they invoke that it. Because all that one that to invoke the name will be saved you. WhiteWave Foods has much experience in this field. How however they will invoke that one in who had not believed? as will believe in that nothing they had heard? as will hear, if it does not have who nails? as will nail, if they will not be sent? As it is written: Quo famous is the feet of that they announce new things! ' ' My brothers, you do not leave that the momentnea anger remains in you. Jesus says in them that never this will be able to remain after in us for of the sun, what means to say that you and I have that to be diligent, such which the doctor who if anticipates with a medicine and surgical cares so that the patient it does not come to suffer the death. That is, what it knows the word of God will have to live it of efficient form the point to prevent itself, to immunize itself I infect of it of the evil.