A project is set up for the first time, a so-called Steering Committee for decisions is responsible. The project manager informed the Steering Committee with regular reports, the daily management of the project tasks are left to the project manager. The Steering Committee is bound only at the phase boundaries, where he must check the previous progress and release the transition to the next phase. Another principle of PRINCE2 is that projects must be controlled and ordered closed. This includes an assessment of the project results. All experiences that called lessons learned”, are documented and taken into account in the setting of follow-up projects.

What kind of projects do you perform with PRINCE2? Generally, there are two types of projects. First, the development of new products and the further development of existing products were there. Such projects enjoy attention. But internal are the far greater part Projects, such as for example re organization projects or the development of new strategies. A particularly good example of the application of PRINCE2 is my NUON”the development of our customer portal, we have received also the PRINCE2 Award for that. Aim was to introduce a customer-oriented and user-friendly Internet portal for existing customers.

Date of completion, resources, and the number of users to winning were clearly defined. All objectives have been met on time thanks to the optimal project management on the basis of PRINCE2 and the portal is an absolute success project. What measurable results can already be determined? No specific figures available yet. We can however already now much more adequately respond to critical situations within a project. So, we for example for communication problems or unclear objectives within a project can counteract. It has a methodology to do but on the other hand also with the improved conditions. So, we have created as a so-called Projektboard, the as Interface between the Organization and stakeholders ensures an optimum flow of communication. Also the number of our projects has decreased significantly, as many original projects as so genannteLinienaufgaben have turns out to. Generally, projects can be much better targeted planning and enabling a consistent resource allocation and control. All these criteria will significantly improve the quality of our projects and ultimately coming to good customers. QRP management methods Intenatonal GmbH / Dr. Inga Ellen box