So, people who want to become a competent and experienced lawyers are losing their lives a lot of time and of course they have to face with hard work and training. Lawyers make money over the years of hard work. When it comes to money people no matter what business they are becoming greedy. But certainly not all, but in any profession there are greedy people. Every educated and competent examiner should obtain proper payment for their work. It is important to note that, if the legal profession still exists, it means that society finds it necessary.

I believe that every lawyer makes the price for their services despite the complexity of the case, as it is difficult to bring to a victorious end, and depending on their experience. Lawyer is often called an expensive luxury, which is a not afford the majority of citizens. But this does not mean that access to justice depends on access to lawyers. Yes, I admit that there have not experienced attorneys who seek a tidy sum for their service. But I believe that competent and experienced lawyers are far more than their opposite. As a rule, the lawyers – hardworking people and they – well-educated and efficient experts.

To become a qualified lawyer should make an enormous effort. We know of cases where lawyers provide legal advice and represent in court for free. But even if they do not work for free, we can hardly call them greedy, because it is – a question of ethics and professionalism.