Therefore, we decided to go the whole family on a personal car. A large number of things fit perfectly in a pre-purchased avtobokse on the roof. Rapid movement of the limitless space in Western Europe, namely the Czech Republic and Poland, we crossed a little more than a day. The customs checkpoint in the town of Terespol standing on the Western Bug River and the border with Belarus, met with us a great the number of cars and traffic discipline. To cross the border as a whole spent about two and a half hours, and of course more time was spent on the Belarusian customs. Paying transit fees five dollars for travel on the territory of Belarus and pointing to the inspection of personal items we were in the city of Brest. Although not without a present. Never Russian land bribery, seeing us in the trunk of an alcoholic national drink worker asked the Belarusian customs Record bottle for the post of customs payments, and that was done to avoid further delay in time.

Want to note that our mood was not spoiled or what, and we were glad to be back in his native Russian soil, where once they were born. Impression of Belarus itself may be called by any all the same landscape scoop, but later, when we drove through in Russia by train, when compared to us clearly, it became clear that Belarus looks much more attractive than Russia, but more on that later. As the saying goes, everything is known in comparison.