Currently have a property such as a franchise is a great way to start and do business. A franchise generates approximately more than one million pesos in a very short time and they are an economic force for those entrepreneurs and of course also the employees employed in the same. The franchises are a great marketing system and a power for the economy, however many entrepreneurs or those who are beginning to dabble in the world of business have to ask how if a franchise can be cost effective and economical? To answer this question it is necessary to emphasize that the product that is going to sell or service to be offered are witty, original and above all that suits the needs of certain public or type of people. A franchise is profitable when there is a double benefit, by the company that owns both of the independent entrepreneur. The franchise can be fully profitable when the owner of the franchise granted to the independent businessman a license to sell their products or services in exchange for this the employer receives support and assistance to increase sales on the other hand is worth mentioning that there are economic franchises; However, is essential that we take into account various points to buy a franchise or become a member, since some franchises economic type usually tends to be more difficult to generate cash quickly. Because of this it is suitable for you in addition to taking into account this important aspect to also take into account the following: provide that despite having the support of the owner, the work of removing the franchise forward is liability of the individual entrepreneur know if mark is duly registered, since we make the risk of failing in the attempt. Know if there are more establishments within the city or in his case that cities are located these franchises asking about management and activities specific within the same leave clear what is the duration of the contract and the benefits of this review in detail the terms of supply and check that the product and this service in order legal set the prices of products and the same gain both for the owner as for the individual entrepreneur Finally you can take the decision to purchase and begin your business already. Original author and source of the article.