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Structural Village

The authors evidence that the allied social iniquities to the lack of habitacionais programs of popular houses that have taken many poor workers to live in areas that offer ambient risks, such as: aterros, lixes, stations of treatment of sewers, cement refineries, plants and etc. The Report Habitat divulged for the Organization of United Nations in 2006 showed that the number of people living in precarious conditions in the Federal District increased 398% in 10 years. The index places Brasilia as the Brazilian capital with bigger growth of the slum quarters in the period of 1991 the 2000. The increase is explained by the sprouting of new invasions as Itapo and, for the population adensamento of some slum quarters as the Structural Village (MONTENEGRO, 2006).

The Structural one is the second bigger slum quarter of the Federal District, however the area in more critical conditions of the DF is considered. The inhabitants suffer with narrow streets and without asphalt, lack of schools and hospitals. The families possess low purchasing power. About 40% of the economically active population she works as independent. The incidence of ambulant is great and subempregados.

Valley to detach that more than 15% of the inhabitants of the Structural one survive of the collection of solid residues in the place. (SEDUMA, 2008). These data underline the exclusion condition where these social groups live. The Structural Village groups aspects that disclose to the condition of poverty of the inhabitants and the distribution of the ambient risks.

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Agricultural Union

They until admit a guilt parcel. They know of the evil that they cause to the nature and the city, cultural patrimony of the humanity. But she makes little to change the scene of devastao. Survey of also of Coralline the Cora poetess millions alone to restore the large houses. So far, no cent of the R$ 2 million announced for the federal government and of the R$ 250 a thousand emergenciais promised for the state and the Iphan had arrived at the city.

With the tragedy, the aggressions suffered for the basin of the Red river had come to tona. ' ' Now, we wait the implantation of the Area of Proteo Ambiental (APA) of the basin of rio' ' , it says the ambientalista and councilman in Gois for the Green Party, Rodrigo Santana. One of the most important norms of the APA is the impediment of the deforestation in a band of 30 meters of the edges of the rivers and tributaries. It would carry it of magnifying of the APA of Golden Mountain range, that protects the Red river, adjacent brooks and streams, in an area of 16.851 hectares, was signed by the governor of Gois, Marconi Perillo, in January of 2000. But it did not leave the paper. When to leave, great part of the APA will be inside of particular lands. It will be necessary work of the inspectors to make with that they respect it to the farmers.

Degradation of 8 a thousand hectares Survey of the Agency Ambient sample that 8 a thousand hectares of land had been almost deforested throughout the Red river to give place to the pasture. The actual damages for the nestings do not arrive 0.5% of the total of the devastada area. The president of the Agricultural Union of the city of Gois, Anajarino Garci’a Jnior, who is also secretary of Agriculture of the city, finds that the mentality of the farmers of the region is moving, but admits that some continue knocking down trees in the edges of the river and tributaries.

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Mobility Development

Of this movement a particularitity of the proper system in producing space differentiations at a moment would result, where it would have areas of accumulation of capital (developed regions) and areas of low application of capitals (underdeveloped regions). However, at a following moment, the extreme accumulation of capitals in the areas for where the same ones if had directed would ahead form conditions of low accomplishment of profits for the excess of capitals in relation to the capacity of accumulation of the areas then with deficiency of capitals, but with other conditions you harness of profit and accumulation. Smith (1988) thus places the question: In the basement of the standard of different development it is the logic and the trend of the capital in direction what we will call movement ' ' in vem&#039 goes and; ' of the capital. If the accumulation of the capital causes the geographic development and if the direction of this development is guided by the profit tax, then we can think about the world as one ' ' surface of lucro' ' produced for the proper capital, (…). The mobility of the capital causes the development of areas with high taxes of profit and the subdesenvolvimento of those areas where if it verifies low taxes of profit. But the proper process of development leads to the reduction of this tax of higher profit. (…), the development of the productive forces in data place leads to a lesser unemployment, a growth in the wage level, to the development of unions and so on, all helping to lower the tax of profits and to move away the true reason for the development. (…). In the opposing polar region, of the subdesenvolvimento, the lack of capital or its constant excess it takes the high taxes of unemployment, basses wages and reduced levels of organization of the workers.

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The reason of everything this? I always offered optimum of me, to all vocs, in exchange I receive the opposite, I strengthen myself for seeing to them happy, but they do not repay in the same way. I them sustenance of all the ways that can imagine, give everything what they need to live, while they make of everything to see to die me. I offer since a substance to them cousin to construirem its more sophisticated devices, to air that breathe, qua they saceiam that them, the fruits feed that them, in exchange return the most powerful poison to me. I try not to cause none badly, and many me destrem, without perceiving that the evil is proper itself makes that them. Something does not silence me; vocs all passes the life trying to descobir formulas for products of Beauty, to cure Illnesses, and to save Lives! reason does not make the same for me? That I find already me in a degradante state. The formula to save my life is not in no chemical or physical laboratory but yes in the conscience of each one of vocs. – I believe that it is not necessary to cite, but if it is so difficult to discover as, then I go to give a tip: they look for to reduce of one everything what they walk making in excess to harm me and make the maximum d' what they forbear to make, thus to save they only consequram me, then they drink a toast for plus a conquest, or will be that the capacity human being arrived at the limit of the knowledge? – I am certain that not, after all they are always wanting to discover something different, and innovating everything! This will be the Challenge that throwing to the all without exception, SAVES ME. hs.00: 26 18/04/2009

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River Uruguay

Finally, the creation of the lake can generate a change in the micron local climate, with alteration of the temperature, humidity and of the cycle of rains. In some situations oturismo also it can be affected, therefore beyond the loss of the fauna and flora, asbarragens and its lakes, also they destroy landscapes of rare beauty. Algunsexemplos is: Itaipu that flooded the Jump of the Seven Falls; It that flooded oEstreito of the River Uruguay; Great Bar that flooded the Cnion of the Encanados.Praticamente all the hydroelectric plants finishes forever flooding lost gorgeous landscapes queso. On the other hand the reservoirs can constituirbalnerios that they serve to the aquatic playful activities fishes as it. 3 – Ambient and Social deImpactos methods of Reduction Exactly when the studies of Ambient Impact are carried through of formacorreta, pointing the true ones impacts generated for an hydroelectric plant, namaioria of the times the actions of mitigao of these impacts do not arrive compensarde fact the negative effect. Ahead of the diverse social and ambient impacts already cited, surgea great question argued untiringly for the competent ambient agencies: How to reduce its effect? First, for occasion of the installation of the seedbed, some impactospodem to be managed through plans of handling, disposal of solid residues and guiding for recycling plant.

Ainstalao of small stations of treatment of sewer helps to minimize aagresso that the effluent bathroom cause in the way. This would contribute for adiminuio of the feeling of invasion on the part of the construction company of the usinanas cities who will house its employees and will keep its seedbed of workmanships. The related impact population aodeslocamento can be said exactly that almost impossible of it is sereliminado, therefore that all the population is realocada in other areas nose obtains to reconstruct daily an identical one what already it existed. Families, commerce, churches, that before were next, have its modified routines devidos distances that after appear the construction of the barrage.

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Brazilian Way

Thus while impacts proceeding from the wild action of the man on the environment only reached the poor persons (diligent and laboring of the great plants), nobody never touched in the subject or if it touched outside in very superficial way. But, when the problems if extend compromising, also the rich pocket and the health of and the powerful ones, are question gain force and re-echo, become it main guideline in way the great international conferences. I do not say that these are not important, as well as I do not say that we really need to take care of better of the environment where we live, but to much hypocrisy and games of involved interests in way to everything this! If thus it was not what it would explain, therefore, the refusal of the United States front to the Protocol of Kioto? Or same the attitude of Algor (former-candidate to the presidency of the United States of America), when nailing a visibly sustainable speech in way the biggest nets of communication and advertising it world and, however spending ' ' rivers of dinheiro' ' (about 200 million annual dollars) in system of air cooled in its house? An at least incongruous position! On behalf of a cleaner world, more healthful, ecologically balanced and equitable, Brazil recently signed an agreement of technological cooperation for production and commercialization of etanol (substance gotten from the fermentation of you sweeten and used as combustible for the automobile industry – biocombustivel). It would be this proposal really interesting for Brazilian us? It will be that all would be being benefited with the signature of this agreement? the consequences of the exacerbado plantation of the sugar cane for the ground and the native species of the region? the populations that live in these areas for where will be remanejadas; they would be these absorbed in its totality as man power? At last it would be the sustainable development really fulfilling the proposal idealized or spread out internationally? Why on behalf of the common good and of the maintenance of the life some must open hand of its resources and necessities, while others only dictate rules to be fulfilled? Why exist severe laws and punishments those that transgress the established norms and standards (generally poor and despossuidos), while others are unpunished, also having the support and/or covering of great agencies? (servant also to fiscalize the transgressors of the environmental laws).

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