The live cd does not need a hard disk to its operation if you have a computer that only lacks the hard disk and don’t know what to do with the, because it just that you download the distribution live that suits you, you put it, reboot and enjoy an operating system in 5 minutes on a computer which was no more than a box with lights and ciercuitos inside shortly before. The live cd the the best alternative to an inaccessible system is a recurring tragedy that users of pc and some operating systems highly vulnerable to viruses and other manifestations of computer terrorism live several times a year fuee a balance very negative in terms of losses of data, money to try to recuperate and above all the most precious good, the time. We all know that the installation of a microsoft operating system could cost us several hours waiting while a cd and the other and if unfortunately you don’t have the cd where come all the drivers because you’ll have to go find them one by one and go installing and rebooting the machine after installing each one if it arises a conflict know that it generates it and in many cases because the system same asks him to continue. Once installed the operating system and the system controllers, you continue still inoperative because now you need basic tools of production as the mentioned above, text processors, processors, spreadsheets, etc. The installation of these tools can cost us a lot money in payment of licenses and installation time if we are trained technically to do it and if not then you we will have to added fees of the technician who will make us work.

Things tend to failure and it is normal but is that things tend to fail when one needs them and a computer system is no exception, in the majority of cases you damage the pc just at the moment that you’re about to finish your thesis or important work leaving the information trapped in a box that doesn’t work. Does now show the desperation and rightly so, that otherwise can react a person who does not know of the existence of the live cd? and for that they serve? Fortunately you’re reading this article and when you happen to you again, or you know of someone that same thing happens you already know how to proceed calmly. If you work with a text document and suddenly the computer begins to go wrong, maybe too slow, with sudden reboots, I recommend that first all keep calm, then you put the cd live, wait until the operating system is fully charged and you can then navigate the system until you find the document that estabas workinglocated once the document can send by mail, store it in a safe place or continue working on the alternative free software tools to which you are accustomed to using, but in the end do the same work and in many ways better.Best of all is that only after 5 minutes of having already submitted the bug you’re working again and if you only like the operating system have tighten live-install icon to have it as is but installed on the hard disk in less than 15 minutes depending on the amount of RAM that you have.