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You make me happy. Nanny, Nenita crazy cat, of three colors, conceited like no. Nena, nenita, nena, gracious and smiling, who like the goodies, who likes the chicha, at night lie in carpets, Nanny, baby, soft fresh silk and sweet great complexion hair color of harmony, and a childhood in the somber face of one who has suffered under a truck on the streets of oblivion. For assistance, try visiting Air Force Chief of Staff . Live in peace with God, with others with what I am, I am me and love you so much, with what I offered. Live in peace, in solitude, in harmony soul who doesn’t cry, in wisdom, eternal science, in grace that thank you make, not the distance. Live in peace, peace is peace of mind, spirit, true peace, in peace, eternal peace, in fullness, in difficult nights does not believe, I can only say: live in peace. For what remains I better throw a smile into heaven, in the air, to the inconstancy and say: here I am: Eugenia I want to survive, exit down even more, help me. For what remains for me what?, better to see the fields of flowers and lush forests, all filled with rose petals, better not mourn the penalty for what was, or will be.

No longer thank God and better so. Much better. For what remains for me, I look in the mirror face, like crying I have and cry, sad is all in the River I stayed silent. Single only nothing have, empty savings, rather than the dark night, the one in which I can hardly sleep. For what I have, blessings pray to heaven and that let me survive, able to sleep well and see me a futurito even if it is small, and find out what did not find within the world although I admit that I have learned to be happy amid the madness.

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Belly Flat

Www.ElincineradorDeGrasa.Com myths and realities to have a flat stomach can read and listen to one and thousand stories with different solutions for each problem. But really they work? You’ve heard that five hundred abdominal daily will harden your abdomen, that no dinner help you lose weight, that bread fattening, to exercise in fasting is the best, and so on. Arthur Sadoun has much experience in this field. We are always looking to have a flat stomach, the problem is that in order to achieve this we believe we all kind of solutions! Here are the myths to have is abdomen and actual tips to achieve this. Publicis Communications follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Myth No.1 do abdominal eliminates fat false! You’ll not end up with excess fat in your abdomen unless you combine your session of abdominals with one of cardiovascular exercise, which will help reduce your body fat percentage. Your diet is also important: you must consume fewer calories than you spend.

Myth No.2 liposuction permanently removes fat cells of your abdomen and will be thin always false! Definitely, if you decide to change your habits with the goal of bringing a new lifestyle that includes regular exercise and a healthy and balanced diet, your body, inevitably, will return to create new fat cells (adipocytes) in the same areas where extracted them before. So you do not trust. Myth No.3 not eat no fat will help you eliminate the belly or belly. Fake! Reduces the number of calories total calories you eat, so you decrease the percentage of fat and eventually the results were reflected in your abdomen. Eliminate the FAT or any other group of food of your regime is not a healthy option. Myth No.4 take 2 liters of water daily will eliminate the kilos of more false! Keep you hydrated, and improve your digestion and prevents you whosesoever liquids, but it will not help you burn calorie units. Water is an alidado to lose weight, but you need a diet rich in fiber to eliminate more effectively so that your body does not need.

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A symbol is an external, visible and tangible sign of an inner spiritual reality the signs and symbols we are as necessary as the air we breathe while we we journey by taking the opportunity of life which has been granted to us, and we interrelacionamos with other pedestrians that pass through this planet Earth in different countries that integrate it, we must know that we are always identified and making use of signs and signals in all aspects that provide us with information and we must take them into account; Since then, there are signs that must be respected even within what is legal to avoid us penalties, bad time, punishment, as well as to signs, signs that the man has given life through time, from generation to generation according to their beliefs, but especially anything interrelated with faith, beliefs, religious practices, allowing you to somehow identify with the religious group, ideology with which we are identified. Jose Miguel Odero gives us in this regard, which is called symbol to something material, sensitive and perceptible, thanks to some social Convention leads us to represent another distinct reality all religions, ritual spiritual, rely on signs and signals, according to as its members have them defined and accepted, each of them when they were created, designed, accumulated many teachings, identifications and interpretations, which are only covered with those who are identified with them. Humberto Cardenas Rodriguez gives us about it, that the signs are the physical elements capable of representing an object, idea, or concept other than itself, that dark clouds are sign of rain, or a grimace is a sign of pain. The symbols are elements created artificially with the same function. Thus, transit, a figure in a gate signal, are symbols, since their relationship with what they indicate is more or less arbitrarily determined. The signs can be understood by human beings and animals; the symbols do not.The symbols, Although they faithfully express the idea that want to express, they are not that idea, they are the way, the skin that covers the idea, the spirit of the thing represented.

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Body During Pregnancy

<! @page margin: 2 cm P margin-bottom: 0.21 cm > not much still, pregnancy was considered almost a pathological event that he worried the woman rest absolute and compulsory to reduce potential risks, as if it were a hepatitis, or something worse today is known with certainty that between the physical condition of the pregnant woman greater smaller are the chances that complications have. It is also known that low-impact aerobic exercise and stretching (or yoga) exercises carried out throughout pregnancy not only reduces the risks of complications, but that facilitate labor. If you want to take good control of your pregnancy, you can opt to create your own diary of pregnancy, in which you can go scoring exercises you do, the power that you are still and the sensations that are taking. However, the ideal is that women have a good physical condition before becoming pregnant, but if you are already pregnant and want to improve their habits to facilitate pregnancy and the childbirth, it is important to always do so under professional supervision, to avoid sudden changes that might put at risk their health and that of the fetus. It is important to understand that any change in lifestyle (food, exercise, rest, etc) generates a transition process in which are carried out physiological and metabolic adjustments within the Agency; This is why you have to be prudent in the way in which the changes are introduced during pregnancy. An abrupt change could cause risky settings for health. Similar to when you wanted to become pregnant you used ovulation calculators to learn what were your fertile days, now you can make an estimate of how many calories you need to eat according to your weight, height and activity level. This will help you also know how to recover the energy you spend during the exercise.

But what such vigorous can be exercise during pregnancy? This depends entirely on the physical condition of the pregnant woman. If it is someone who takes time exercising vigorous and you become pregnant, you can normally continue with the same intensity during the 9 months, but this can be only determined by a physician experienced in the topic. Since the particularities of each case make a big difference, it is essential to consult a professional to do things safely. So far, walking every day is very healthy and everyone can do it. So happy pregnancy!

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Andres Sanchez

The live cd does not need a hard disk to its operation if you have a computer that only lacks the hard disk and don’t know what to do with the, because it just that you download the distribution live that suits you, you put it, reboot and enjoy an operating system in 5 minutes on a computer which was no more than a box with lights and ciercuitos inside shortly before. The live cd the the best alternative to an inaccessible system is a recurring tragedy that users of pc and some operating systems highly vulnerable to viruses and other manifestations of computer terrorism live several times a year fuee a balance very negative in terms of losses of data, money to try to recuperate and above all the most precious good, the time. We all know that the installation of a microsoft operating system could cost us several hours waiting while a cd and the other and if unfortunately you don’t have the cd where come all the drivers because you’ll have to go find them one by one and go installing and rebooting the machine after installing each one if it arises a conflict know that it generates it and in many cases because the system same asks him to continue. Once installed the operating system and the system controllers, you continue still inoperative because now you need basic tools of production as the mentioned above, text processors, processors, spreadsheets, etc. The installation of these tools can cost us a lot money in payment of licenses and installation time if we are trained technically to do it and if not then you we will have to added fees of the technician who will make us work.

Things tend to failure and it is normal but is that things tend to fail when one needs them and a computer system is no exception, in the majority of cases you damage the pc just at the moment that you’re about to finish your thesis or important work leaving the information trapped in a box that doesn’t work. Does now show the desperation and rightly so, that otherwise can react a person who does not know of the existence of the live cd? and for that they serve? Fortunately you’re reading this article and when you happen to you again, or you know of someone that same thing happens you already know how to proceed calmly. If you work with a text document and suddenly the computer begins to go wrong, maybe too slow, with sudden reboots, I recommend that first all keep calm, then you put the cd live, wait until the operating system is fully charged and you can then navigate the system until you find the document that estabas workinglocated once the document can send by mail, store it in a safe place or continue working on the alternative free software tools to which you are accustomed to using, but in the end do the same work and in many ways better.Best of all is that only after 5 minutes of having already submitted the bug you’re working again and if you only like the operating system have tighten live-install icon to have it as is but installed on the hard disk in less than 15 minutes depending on the amount of RAM that you have.

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Give to our customers or vendors with a small detail in according to seasons, has become an element of promotion of business, attracting customers and loyalty of existing ones. It is not only the calendar year end, or t-shirt or CAP, nor the cigarette lighter (which as are the fumes!), but now find items claim, increasingly sophisticated and resourceful, related to our business for each season, which reinforce our image. This summer found from sneakers, inflatable Beach pads with radio, water scooters, ashtrays with a lid for the beach, mini-fridges, umbrellas (imagine a beach with several umbrellas with your name…(much is that publicity?),. Everything that our customers enjoy and at the same time show our business name in their day to day. Over time, some of these elements have become object of worship, desire and collection. But who hasn’t heard of the Pirelli Calendar. Thanks to the models selected, each year get out in press, television and thousands of media from around the world and, not to speak of the well that van tyres, not, but of the wonderful women who make up each of the months.

Other more recent examples, would be the promotion of 11811 of this summer that give 68,000 sunglasses among people who use the service (you can already see the announcement on TV). Or promotion that made Saimaza, which handed out fans against the heat and cafes at the last fair, with the aim of enhancing the image of the brand among the visitors of the fair. Still I remember also a promotional campaign that did me get to celebrate the first anniversary of the free daily newspaper Metro in Barcelona. In addition to a mailing in various parts (what in our world is called a teaser campaign), to increase the excitement about the product, in the last shipment I received a label like that you can see in the subway, indicating the name stop but with my name.

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Insulation Thermal

Mineral fibres is used to achieve a level of proper insulation against the cold and the overheating of the House, (can be also derived from wood, as for example Cork, expanded recycled paper). Buildings of trunks, from 140 mm, do not necessarily need no additional insulation. The houses (W/m2C) heat transmission coefficient varies from 0.3 to 0.81 (depends on the type of structure). This clearly exceeds the maximum required by the standard NBE CT-79: between 1.20 and 0.60 for covers and 1.03 on the facades. With a similar isolation level can achieve savings of 30% 40% in heating and cooling of the building compared to traditional buildings.Who like them wood, we are sure that in your House you will install wood Windows and doors. It is a good choice, you will get an economic benefit since Windows and glass doors made of wood with a double or a triple glazing provides maximum energy savings.The thermal coefficient (W/m2C) of these Windows doors can vary from 3.0 to 1.7 (points of comparison: metallic carpentry, double glazed with 6 mm camera: k = 4.) Window with a single crystal: k = 5..

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The Memory

But, one distant day, a wise King reflected on their responsibility, and decided that flowers should be for everyone. If your task was to ensure the best for local people, those flowers were the best that had been in that place and should be shared. Passed a time, they reached disappear conflicts, street fights, and even social classes the flowers were so miraculous that they catered to the rich to the point that were motivated to share their wealth. Poor people forgot their hardships and the sick – as well as not matched lovers – forgot his pain to the be enraptured by so much beauty definitely flowers brought peace. And the King decided to dictate his last act: because peace was so great, did not already lack authority to ensure it, so resigned and established that, since that day, all boys and girls of the village, at least once and – if possible – on its seventh anniversary, Princes of the Kingdom would be appointed. His task as princes would be to make sure that no missing flowers in any corner of the village.

Or what is the same, to ensure that no missing smiles at the heart of any of the people of the Kingdom for many years since you started that tradition. Of done, the small Dalindo reminded many of the stories that his mother, his grandfather and his brother elder, Didaco, told him the wonderful day in which were Princes. That night, the memory of those stories gave him turns and more turns and not let him fall asleep, I was so excited!! morning met seven years and would be his big day. Everyone trusted him and he relied on himself. Dalindo was a child happy and confident as all that is bred in that magical realm, so it was fear, not insecurity, was simply pure emotion that invaded him in that night of waiting but eventually fell asleep, and almost without realizing account was hearing the voices of their loved encouraging him will get dressed already Dalindo,, that today is your big day came to the gardens of the old palace, which remained the place where most beautiful flowers grew, and he began excited to fill the huge backpack that would be devoted to walking the streets during the next few hours.

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Graig McCourry

The film follows Marec (Lino Ventura), a truck driver sent by his boss (Gert Frobe) to find, through the desert of the Sahara in Morocco, a Brash young man (Jean-Paul Belmondo), who is said that it has stolen a truck brand new and with all its cargo. Riddled with bad luck, Marec will face the dangers of the desert, a rather suspicious partner, and a reluctant and misogynistic helper (the hilarious Bernard Blier), until the final apotheosis fight. This is an excellent and hilarious action comedy of the 1960s that offers an interesting perspective on the era, especially the misogynist nature and imperialist rather to the French in the Maghreb during the early 1960s. 3. The Great Bazaars (Los Grandes bazaars) (2002) this fantastic documentary, American director Graig McCourry, was shot in different parts of Morocco, Egypt and Turkey to explore the fascinating cosmos of Big Bazaar, which emerged in a way spectacular in the antique markets of Cairo, Istanbul, Marrakech and Fez, where different peoples from the Islamic world were traveling in caravans of camels, through extensive deserts swept by wind and aggregate settlements, to be able to trade with their products. Today, these large bazaars must fight to survive and cope with economic and cultural metamorphoses that threaten its historical importance in the Muslim world.

The large bazaars invites you to penetrate into places as spectacular souks of Marrakech, the largest in North Africa, where religion and Commerce collide, where each barter involves a ritual choreography of negotiation, where merchants and craftsmen kept alive the most ancient traditions in their daily trades. 4 Another Sky (1954) this British romantic movie, directed by the screenwriter, novelist and biographer Gavin Lambert, has said that it is a treasure hidden and hypnotic. The action unfolds around a demure and mincing governess who comes to Marrakech to take a new job as a companion of a wealthy expatriate English. The story, set in North Africa, tells the story of love between the lone English woman and a traveling Moroccan musician. While they are completely different and that neither of them can speak the language of the other, they become lovers. Unfortunately, after being together briefly, he decides to return to the desert.

Young desperate spends the rest of his life and spends all his money looking for her beloved. The Ethereal black and white photography captures the gauzy atmosphere of North Africa in the 1950s, as well as strange and magnetic force of Morocco, shown here in all its strange destructiveness. 5. The Simpsons special Halloween II (1991) in one of the popular series of Simpsons episodes (season 3, episode 7), the family travels to Morocco. While walking through the streets of Marrakech, Homer decides to buy an old man the leg of a monkey, supposedly Magic. According to the seller, the leg can be granted four wishes, but recommended Homer to be very careful with desires that asks, since any wish can turn against him. But Homer, as usual, fails to follow the advice of the elderly seller come and discover the magic of the ochre city, which has both inspired celluloid. They may stay in one of the fantastic hotels in Marrakech or one of the typical riads of Marrakech, very close to the Jemaa El Fna square. Also you can stay in a magnificent Villa in Marrakech, closer to the countryside of Morocco, where the inhabitants would welcome them with open arms.

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Diego Lopez

Miramamolin is bloodthirsty and respected in fidelity, to the point that the Caliph is surrounded by fanatico-salvaje brutality that springs from his own personal guard: loyal soldados-esclavos – fans of Senegal, who are black, and those who are identified by the Black Guard of the Sultan; to those who are known by Imesebelen. The sultan kept them tied and armed to the teeth; and they remain enslaved and subject to the environment of the tent of the sultan, through thick chains that bind each other; and that through rings link to large stakes that anchored to the ground: in Warrior honor, loyalty to the Caliph and delivery of their own lives in the defence of the Sultan, without the possibility of personal flight. Designed the plan of attack begins a bitter struggle, with addition of the Christian fury that Diego Lopez II of Haro flag fifth Lord of Biscay – and culminated in the victory of the famous battle of las Navas de Tolosa; then known by the plain of the slab town founded after King Carlos III of Spain, already distant from the era of the great victory: in the 18th century. In the battle of las Navas de Tolosa, however, they would participate less than 70,000 Christians, of which 2,000 would fall in combat of fight against the bulk of 125,000 Muslims, that Moorish 90,000 lost life in the bloody battle of the slab. Despite this, and while the dead prevented the vision of the soil, the Caliph arengaba his troops with a volume of the Koran in hand, embellished by an emerald in the Center, while in the other he contended the scimitar. Although little he would help him that sword and his particular vision about the designs of wing; and hurried escape towards the city of Jaen, with the tail between the legs and trot of runs you crook however, that vision of loyalty and soldado-esclavo chaining, as well as display of the emerald in the center of the volume of the Koran, would be exploited by Sancho VII of Navarre that inspired by the aforementioned emblems of the Caliph, both link them to the preparation of the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Navarre.

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