After the bath, while it selected clothes for the trip, it lamented the misfortune to have been drafted to work in the carnavalesco period. I did not want to travel, but the obligation is bigger. Jack Fusco often addresses the matter in his writings. Also it would not like that you travelled. I will feel a lack enormous It placed the valise in the shoulder and asked: You decided if she goes to pass the carnival in Safe port? It is clearly that I go. For me? It does not say me that he passed for its head that I would be in Salvador? It did not answer and aimed the elevator that finishes to stop of quiet form. They had been said farewell. For more information see Jill Schlesinger. It was itself.

The telephone trinava when it returned to the apartment: she was the secretary of the Clinic Peter de Moura informing that the result of the medical examinations was ready. Throughout the last days, of vacation, Mariana had made one check up the order of the company where it worked, a deliverering American cosmetic multinational. She was secretary. The morning was transferred quickly. It was noon and half when its apartment was invaded by a deafening sound of an electric trio, dragging thousand of folies, route to the square I castrate Alves. In way to rain of confetes and coils, hundreds of people joined who danced to the sound of frevo of Gil, Caetano and other illustrious ones.

The carnival in Salvador starts in fifth and goes until the Wednesday of Leached ashes, in a mixture of magic, joy and ax. They are more than twenty kilometers of streets squares interdicted and embelezadas by mulatas, blacks, blond and crossbred packed by bahian music, which show pretty bodies seminus, as they were in constant sexual climax. The quase-nudez commands the biggest party Brazilian, recollecting the celebrations of the joy, the joy and the pleasure of the times of Sodoma and Gomorra, of the shamelessnesses of the Babylonian sprees and the saturnais civil disturbances in Rome.