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True Mathematics

If a child does not know the arithmethic table the problem is not alone of the professor nor only of the school, but also of the culture which it is inserted. To hear what the pupil has to say, in general, is not valued is necessary that the professor knows to hear the pupil and not only to speak and thus to know the opinions of that more it interests knowing. So that it has one I dialogue and the understanding of the same, she is necessary to have consideration to what the pupil thinks and speaks and to what the professor thinks and speaks. To be mathematics professor is if to worry as to teach, thus to know the mathematics it is basic to use methods that make with that it has a good income for the pupil, to help the pupil to know what the professor already knows is to have the domain of the area of the knowledge. Add to your understanding with Secretary of Agriculture. To teach is on to know, therefore to teach in certain way, aims at the knowledge of the pupil, with this emphasizes the importance of as to teach to know. The knowledge is underlying to the way for which if it teaches, thus to be mathematics professor is to understand the pupil and the proper substance as one disciplines intersubjetiva. The mathematics deals with many aspects of the world, therefore the professor it cannot isolate it of what the man he knows of the world, thus is important that light the pupil to know the mathematics in day-by-day, with this will go to keep the true importance of the mathematics and to finish with some you doubt that the pupils have regarding this discipline wonderful, as for example: ' ' So that it serves or where I use it? ' ' Generally in the schools the pupils learn since early its position ahead of the professor and its duties, that is, it must be giving attention in what the professor teaches without being able to leave for where to want, but many times this to give attention means to be been silent and looking at for the professor and this it does not want to say that the pupil this giving to attention it can until being looking at for the professor, but this travelling for the thought without understanding nothing of what the speaking professor this. .

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A Very Pretty History

It was a time in a pretty forest, one fadinha called Polegarzinha, it adored flowers and therefore casinha took care of of them all the mornings in the garden of its. However one day while it took a walk found a brush that cantarolava, caught in rabinho of the brush and started to write in the pretty panel of the blue butterfly. Derepente looks at pra a side, looks at for the other and sees pretty sapinho, all wet, it played in the lagoon. More ahead a boy had forgotten a small ball, very curious Polegarzinha decided to play with it, rolls daqui, rolls of there and epaaaaaa, slid, was to fall direct in a tunnel, was dark and it did not see nothing, when it saw a light was in a strange world, where of face it found a hammer. The Hammer started to speak: _Ei, psiu, of where you is? Polegarzinha said: _Ow, I are there of the world of the flowers, and I who I ask myself, where we are? you say Martelinho? Martelinho balanced the head, and said: _ What it finds? But it is clearly that I speak, only looks at, you is in the magical world. It comes I go to show some interesting things to you. Polegarzinha half it was scared, but it was.

Martelinho said pra it: _Esta seeing that one casinha? There they live the Red Small hat, the blue one and the yellow, they are three Small hats Soon ahead deferred payment one anozinho, it lives with sleep, is the Soneca. Polergazinha catches this caderninho and starts to write down, said the Martelinho. In this place very, much, much, very distant live one lady who very likes to help people whom the sad heart has, is Mrs. Fita Wide Durex, it helps glue it the torn into pieces hearts. Polergazinha said: _OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO of this same size That good that exists objects thus, I say ladies thus Also it has a Tesourinha to cut the things sad of the life and to always place happy engravings in the place of the sad ones. after that sees that Glue, it always glue good things as the smile in our life. Polergazinha never more saw torn into pieces hearts, nor children without smiles, but it said to the Hammer: necessary _Agora to go even so, to take care of of my flowers, them is dying of headquarters, was to know you to a pleasure, goes up until my house one day goes to take a tea with me. _Sim, said the Hammer, will go yes and take with me some books for counting histories to it, therefore I adore to read, and to read makes pra well soul, engradece the soul. Saying farewell Polergazinha as that in a magician pass already it was in its house, hour to sleep, and today it will go to dream of all those magical objects, leaves Polegarzinha to enter in its dreams and counts for it on its magical objects

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General Objective

The school is an organization human being where the people add efforts for a common educative intention. 3. 3,1 OBJECTIVES General Objective the objective of the work is to rethink the possibility in uniting the use of the games to daily of the professor, assisting the learning of the mathematics when propitiating a scene where new situations are presented. Introducing, also, one forms of the professors to discover, without constaint for the young, which the difficulties or the points not so clarified of the studied contents. Moreover, to stimulate the use of the logical reasoning, since, after the learning phase, the pupils start to weave strategies and to elaborate plays to win the adversary. 3.2 Specific objectives? To present some suggestions of games of easy confection, pleasant to the pupils and that they can be worked in classroom, despertando the interest of the students and assisting the learning of the mathematics.

To apply the suggested games and to evaluate of subjective form the envolvement of the pupils with the game, its developed applicability and capacities 4. PRESENTED GAMES? Handle rods: (a) N of pupils: 2 participants for game; (b) Duration: Time to conclude the game or 20 minutes; (c) Objectives: To develop the concentration, mathematical reasoning, and the arithmetical operations; (d) Contents: addition, subtraction and multiplication in the set of the natural numbers; (e) Used material: Industrialized material of the 1,99 or with palitos of churrasquinho painted in the colors: 10 yellow ones, 7 greens, 6 blue ones, 5 red and 1 black color in a total of 29 palitos. Educative Bingo or Lottery: (a) N. of pupils: At least 4 participants; (b) Duration: Necessary time for the accomplishment of the game; (c) Objectives: To develop the attention to the concentration and mathematical reasoning with the basic operations; (d) Contents: Multiplication, addition, subtraction and division; (e) Used material: Industrialized game of the 1,99.

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