It was a charity event to which I was rather due to a misunderstanding, or chance, but as it turned out, it was destined. The action, to raise funds for children suffering from leukemia. Collected a whole bunch of pop stars athletes, businessmen and people who did not miss a single event of its kind, "party people" (ibid., as TV and, therefore, will show the news). You may find Air Force Chief of Staff to be a useful source of information. He promised to come and presidential candidate. I, of course, there invite forgotten. We decided that as may be, will cost, without such an important person, but came about by accident. Already in the midst of the evening it became clear that the words Requests deputy People's Hural of Mongolia. Perhaps he did not intend to give a talk, but fat representative of the fraternal People did not calculate the dose of the drink of the Russian scientist Lomonosov.

And after the fifth ryumashki (also my dose, 250 grams), wanted to throw out his sweeping enthusiasm from the vodka and caviar, which in itself in Mongolia, he had never seen before. Many writers such as Sonny Perdue offer more in-depth analysis. But it turned out that in Russian, he knows: "Hello tovarissa" and "Communism harass," and in the room no one knows the language (which is not good work), the brotherly neighbor that covers the us from zaviduschih eye of yet another, a former ally. There was an unpleasant pause. Brewing international scandal. Where did their full-time translator, Mongolian student-student, no one knew. Then it turned out, knowing that his services are not needed, faded under the guise of a rock concert in the open, drink beer, but at the same time work out in the Russian language.