Therefore, we cannot ignore what the quality involved, especially total quality, scope, what warrants to the company according to results that allow you to compete successfully, if you already know operate companies definitely, they require good policies of total quality and as reminds us Clery, to be considered, that the overall quality is a concepta philosophy, a strategy, a model of doing business and is located towards the customer. The quality total not only refers to the product or service in Yes, but that is the permanent improvement of organizational, managerial appearance; taking a company like a gigantic machine, where each worker, from the Manager, until the official of the more low hierarchical level are committed to business objectives. For total quality has been achieved fully, it is necessary that basic moral values of society rescue and is here, where the entrepreneur plays a fundamental role, starting with prior education of its workers to achieve a workforce more biased, with better assimilate quality problems, with better criteria to suggest changes for the benefit of the quality, with better analysis and observation of the process of manufacturing products and to be able to amend errors. The use of total quality brings advantages, and can cite as examples the following: potentially achievable if there is the highest level decision. It improves the relationship between the human resource with the address. Reduces costs by increasing productivity. What the? Fundamentals of total quality? Clery reminds us: the basic objective: competitiveness work well done.

The improvement continued with the collaboration of all: responsibility and individual commitment to quality. Team work is fundamental for the permanent improvement of communication, information, participation and recognition. Prevention of error and early elimination of the defect. Setting targets for improvement. Monitoring of results. Management indicators. Meet the needs of the customer: quality, price, delivery, but what happens with as cited in regard to the Venezuelan business reality? Since then, can point out that you there are large gaps in this regard, product of the little attention that management has given to what total quality involves, in addition to the absence of good organizational cultures involving the culture of quality, in addition to the lack of training, training with regard to these topics to a deficient process managementmany times established without being guaranteed of good productivity rates which implies that the products do not have the guarantee of a good quality.