PRODUCTS "deprivation of the natural properties of" Milk, sterilized at ultra-high temperature, even bio, it's dead milk, which is good experience Dr Nicolas Le Berry. He leaves at room temperature for four cups, one with raw milk, bio, the second with ordinary raw milk, pasteurized milk from third and fourth with sterilized at ultra-high temperature milk. Raw milk clots quickly (the first two bowls), has good taste. Pasteurized milk clot more slowly and less tasty – the third piala. As for milk, sterilized at ultra-high temperature, it is not being phased out ever, and only covered with mold and very smells bad. Attention! Things are well with vegetable 'milk', sterilized at ultra-high temperatures: in the absence of vital elements, it is covered with mold, if left at room temperature.

If you want to eat dairy products, eat mostly raw milk, yogurt and cheese from raw milk, preferably bio, but eat in moderation (1 – 2 of dairy products per day maximum). "Gourmet" oil produced under the so-called method of making 'the old way' is not good for health and especially not consult patients. In this case, crush the fruit with a millstone and oil obtained by heating them in the boiler, which allocates special smell and taste. In this method, the heated fatty acids are converted into hydrogenated fat, bad body. We are not talking about the oil from the supermarket, received at high temperature and refined that even worse (see table on the methods of industrial production). Eat only unrefined virgin olive oil, to keep an open bottle the refrigerator (except olive oil).