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Medical Apparel Elite

Sewing association 'Elite' and engaged in tailoring, sale of professional clothing for medical professionals for over 12 years. Jill Schlesinger may find it difficult to be quoted properly. We offer a wide range of quality products at the most demanding of tastes: Health coats, suits, blouses, pants, shoes. In the production of medical clothing quality fabrics are used with blood and water-repellent, developing and tailoring is carried out by qualified professionals. Medical Uniforms ELIT is, above all, comfortable clothes fashion, which gives the physician the confidence and elegance. It is to this company strives to optimally combine the quality and price.

Brand ELIT shows in five areas of medical apparel: Collection Classic Collection Collection ELIT DOC collection ELIT collection ATKARA collection Light line In addition, TD "Elite" engaged in tailoring the form to staff ambulances. In developing the forms were taken into account all the nuances of the profession: a year going to the wishes of practitioners performed the test trials of different models of clothes. The result was to create a form that meets all safety requirements with conveniently placed pockets, resistant to aggressive environmental influences. With knitted sleeves inserted (preventing the ingress of wind and snow), lined collar with slisovoy (not rubbing his neck), reliable lightning "tractor." Fabrics and materials. In the manufacture of medical clothes "Elite" use certified blended fabrics imported and domestically produced with water-repellent impregnation and krovoottalkivayuschii, who do not shrink, do not peel.

Tissue differ consistently high quality and fully meet the requirements of modern medical clothing. "Tisi" Fabric Tisi – blended fabric production Korea, the composition of 35% cotton 65% polyester, the density of 120 g / sq.m. Tisi fabric has good hygienic and strength characteristics, easy to wash, dimensional stability and dyeing firm, no peeling, anti-static. Available has a variety of colors, you can see in the color map and dimension of the grid. Recommendations for care products: products 1.Stirka 40 degrees C. 2.Dlya laundry products out of colored fabric and color piping categorically prohibits the use of detergent with bleach. 3.If a logo on your clothing, then place the application logo iron on the reverse side. Fabric Teredo (Carrington) – blended fabric production Britain, the composition of 67% – Polyester 33% – cotton, density 195 g / sq.m. Teredo fabric meets stringent European requirements: Ability to complete removal of contaminants. For the complete removal of complex impurities

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Eat Organic Foods

PRODUCTS "deprivation of the natural properties of" Milk, sterilized at ultra-high temperature, even bio, it's dead milk, which is good experience Dr Nicolas Le Berry. He leaves at room temperature for four cups, one with raw milk, bio, the second with ordinary raw milk, pasteurized milk from third and fourth with sterilized at ultra-high temperature milk. Raw milk clots quickly (the first two bowls), has good taste. Pasteurized milk clot more slowly and less tasty – the third piala. As for milk, sterilized at ultra-high temperature, it is not being phased out ever, and only covered with mold and very smells bad. Attention! Things are well with vegetable 'milk', sterilized at ultra-high temperatures: in the absence of vital elements, it is covered with mold, if left at room temperature.

If you want to eat dairy products, eat mostly raw milk, yogurt and cheese from raw milk, preferably bio, but eat in moderation (1 – 2 of dairy products per day maximum). "Gourmet" oil produced under the so-called method of making 'the old way' is not good for health and especially not consult patients. In this case, crush the fruit with a millstone and oil obtained by heating them in the boiler, which allocates special smell and taste. In this method, the heated fatty acids are converted into hydrogenated fat, bad body. We are not talking about the oil from the supermarket, received at high temperature and refined that even worse (see table on the methods of industrial production). Eat only unrefined virgin olive oil, to keep an open bottle the refrigerator (except olive oil).

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