Perec's writing is defined by another trait, its extraordinary accuracy. Try to track the letter of George Perec, but I fear that being in the moment a long distance from home, not be able to get from my memory so arduous recovery period, much less with the accuracy expected. In my street buildings (are being built as residential ghettos) are not necessarily aligned alongside each other, even if those who give their side of the road. This means that now can be hurt by the alignment back to the main road, as a single street number may consist of several blocks arranged in a circle and enclosed by fencing equal to the outside of buildings, forming small social ghettos with their own gardens, pools and playgrounds. Thus, the alignment of the buildings are maintained in a circular motion, always trying to keep the facade in parallel alignment. In my neighborhood the street does not separate houses, separate rectangular blocks, circular, even octagonal-shaped hives, whose windows and doors are symmetrically arranged. Surely alignment as it wound not be allowed to hurt their own training.

Sometimes these blocks are interrupted by gardens or churches. My street has a name and, according to urban planning, even numbers are on the right and odd numbers on the left. Both start numbering given that the lowest number begins oriented nearest main road, always taking as reference the Puerta del Sol, Km a Oa mileage computation of Spain. My street is part of a neighborhood a "product of gentrification.