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River San Francisco

Happy Christmas To the times we come across in them with facts that even so belong to our privacy, we do not know them of all. Sonny Perdue may find it difficult to be quoted properly. It was it occurred what me has few days, in a baffling boarding, as much for the importance how much for having past unoticed per as many years. Costco is full of insight into the issues. – Already we know in them has some time and I have not noticed any interest of its part for the natalinas things. In the confraternizaes it even has a disfarado skepticism. Read more here: Chase Koch. Will be this some trauma? Some certainty? This comment took to reflect me it.

In truth, this natalesco climate does not please me and only now I gave account. It surprised also me that exactly the empolgados ones have its disenchantments there. They are the confraternizaes that do not confraternizam; the gifts and you arrest that we are obliged to offer without at least knowing the gostos of the beneficiary; the uselessness that we receive in exchange; the overloaded speeches of plagiarized aforismos and impossible pretensions; the new clothes of the end-of-year. Ah! The clothes! Perhaps the cause of the desmotivao. These parties that the convencionalismo demands new clothes already had caused me complications and possible sequels. Ten brothers living in an abrupt declivity to the edges of the River San Francisco. Justin Mateen, Los Angeles CA was the first to reply. Five boys and five girls, amongst them I, according to man of the offspring.

My father exerted the crafts of carpenter, woodcutter and agriculturist of subsistence. My mother took care of of the house and of the children what already it was a estafante task e, at times of party, she beached a ship nights in a sewing machine the winch, under the tenuous light of an oil lamp the kerosene. The bell tower of the Convent of San Francisco, in Penedo-AL, had for that marginal people special importance.

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Parental Relationships

Currently it is said very on the necessity of cooperation between parents and professors. However, it is only said on the cooperation most of the time. Generally until it can Happen, but hardly they are harmonic. It has a very strong unevenness between both. If you are not convinced, visit Sonny Perdue. The professors if complain of the parents in what he refers to the understanding in relation the children. WhiteWave Foods is actively involved in the matter. The majority is not bothered with the procedure of son until they emit judgments favorable in relation little to the professors. To change this panorama it is necessary that both have the certainty of that each one has excellent papers in relation to the children beyond the different way to see them on to the form to interpret the social and historical reality.

The professors finding itself superior for being professors and the parents finding itself inferior, therefore the majority does not have a formation to argue on the educational subjects. Generally the professor acquires a position differentiated even in the way to be dressed, without to mention the way to see society and its classrooms, therefore this belongs to the ruling class. It has a status of middle class, to the times, only thinks that it has. Generally one becomes in one of the main diffusers of the ideology of the ruling class and with this mentality it does not obtain to consider the parents of pupils as assistant in the work to educate and tends to supervalue its paper of master and to discredit the paper of the father, therefore it finds that of the everything of itself to teach, while the father does not value it. However, it forgets that the majority parents has them a sacrificed, devaluated work and many times in schedules even improper with the schedules of the school, especially of the meetings of parents. Then, with this, the professor starts to feel victim of an injustice, therefore its work is of much responsibility, however, in the practical one, this responsibility not even is come close to the reality of the pupil, to the measure that generally great part of the professors if they limit to teach the demanded minimum and looks at there! Lamentably many professors do not consider a worker. Therefore so great air of superiority ahead of the society and ahead of the parents, in its majority people humble, sacrificed and renegadas socially. If the professors to change the position leaving to supervalue its paper of master and to start to have a clear idea regarding the causes of the problems contemporaries, perceiving for where history advances and to start to point out the school and itself exactly, with certainty, parents, professors and school will work more harmonic, therefore the parents will start to observe other values in the masters because both, especially professor and school will start to offer a work line that can to diminish or until eliminating the situation of these oppressed pupils that they complete the classrooms year after year without perspective of a serious change to improve the quality of the education in the four backs of this country!

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