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Metropolis Citizenship

The cultural dimension is one of them and for its intermediary it is extended understanding of the society in economic, social terms and politicians, as well as if they become intelligible the specialties and express temporalities in the city, the urban net and the process of urbanization . The convivncia with the garbage, the violence, enormous congestions, the exhaustion of the natural resources, the lack of adequate spaces to the construction of housings the unemployment is some of the main problem-challenges in the management of the great Brazilian metropolises. The great metropolises are> the ones that more need a sustainable urban planning. The growth that enough was not planned brings innumerable consequences and challenges. Slum quarters are built throughout fens or rivers without security conditions and hygiene. Gain insight and clarity with Debbie Staggs.

This is a common image in the great centers metropolitans. The metropolises are objects of study of great importance with form of understanding of the inaqualities that affect, of different forms, good part of the society. Click Beth Kobliner Shaw for additional related pages. The space segregation results of social conflicts and the observed isolation is part of the private space that walks to the side of the increase of the unreliability. The great challenge for this civilization each more urban, segregated and massificada time is the sustainable development. It requires the concentration of efforts of the sectors public and private in the direction to recoup the spaces, reencontrando with the society the citizenship and solidarity. Prof. Alexander de Oliveira Gangorra.

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The Society

In contrast, we need cares, orientation and teachings; that is, we only become in them in fact human in the measure where we coexist and we learn with other people in one given culture. By means of this learning in the social life we form our personality and we organize our way of living, our feelings and desires. Our life alone can truily happen to be participated of a cultural world, if to partilharmos a set of social references. The man is a social being and organizes its way of living collectively, creates ways to organize its life politics, of if relating with the environment, to work, to distribute and to change the wealth that produce. More still, all the peoples had developed artistic and religious languages, manifestations, moral mythologies, values, clothes and housings.

Thus, the cultural plurality indicates, before everything, an accumulation of experiences human beings who are patrimony of all we, therefore can enrich our life to the one in teaching different ways to them to exist socially and to create the future. The cultural diversity is cultural differences that exist between the human being. It has some types, such as: the language, dances, clothes and other traditions as the organization of the society. The cultural diversity is something associated to the dynamics it associative process. People who for some reasons decide to pautar its lives for preset norms tend to forget its proper idiosyncrasies. In other words, the all effective one if imposes to the individual necessities. Music downloads may find this interesting as well. Called ‘ ‘ status quo’ ‘ deflagra natural and spontaneously, and as Hegel would say, in a dialtico process, the significant adequacy of the being to the way. The term diversity says respect to the variety and different convivncia of ideas, characteristics or elements between itself, in determined subject, situation or environment.

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London Rivers

The presented work is an extension of disciplines of Hydrography and represents an instrument of practical content and theoretical that goes beyond the classroom, providing a bigger interatividade enters the study colleagues and the interaction enters disciplines, a time that to observe a hidrogrfica basin that bathes an urban area is to perceive as it is a space of circulation and space integration. Learn more about this with Jack Fusco. The focus of study is the hidrogrficas basins of the city of Native of London, located in the north of the State of the Paran Brazil and its rivers. What it is considered is to show the importance of the water in the relations of the man with the nature through its sensible multiples. In this look it is perceived how much the environment social, morphologic, geologic, climatolgico and many others are linked coercing next to the rivers in activities of the cities and its citizens, having as important agent the river, and what it passes of important, the teachings and understanding of our proper ambient experiences ahead of the spaces natural and constructed by it. Word-key: Hydrography. Interatividade. Hidrogrficas basins.

Rivers. Space integration. Introduction The water always was object of inquiry of some sciences. Its study it is not only restricted to Geographic Science. The boarding of this subject is made by presenting the city of Native of London for its physical, historical and cultural aspects, a perception of the landscape and the hidrogrficas basins that involve the rivers Jacutinga, Lindia, Coffee plantation, Cambe Brook and the River Tibagi, we contemplate the water and its multiple meanings, its use and its directions and the partner-ambient problems generated by the action human being.

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Village Santana

Of this form, the factors had been analyzed that are causing the difficult understanding of the differentiation between discipline them to both. In this perspective, it makes necessary that we understand of reflexiva form the reasons that are causing the deficiency in question in the teach-learning of these educandos and, thus, to point proposals to brighten up or to cure the thematic one presented here. Thus being, this was my challenge, therefore as educator I have the duty to provoke significant changes in the classrooms so that in fact the pupils can understand the universe in this manner where they live and make the necessary transformations. To read more click here: Secretary of Agriculture. In this direction I begin, it I made an election of the authors who had given support for this work, so that thus locus could go to verify in, and to collect the information necessary. In this direction, the work is divided in two chapters. The first one contains the identity and individuality of History and Geography, one brief epistemolgica definition of History Geography, where the chains of thought of these sciences will be boarded.

As the chapter presents questions related to the procedures in the education of History and Geography and the practical pertaining to school, the analyses on the formation of the educators and the process of teach-learning in these you discipline, as well as, the metodolgicos procedures of the research, the research and analyses with professors and pupils of 5 8 series of you discipline them to both in Are Domingos of the Araguaia-Par. In this sequence, the interviews had been carried through between days 19 and 23 of January of 2010 in such a way with professors and pupils of some schools and several and localities – urban Zone, Nazar Village, Village Santana, Village Half and Are Benedict – of the city of Are Domingos of the Araguaia-Par. Remembering that it did not have pupils interviewed in this last village. Thus, 11 professors of Geography, being 3 of the state net and 8 of the urban and agricultural net municipal and 11 professors of History, being one of state net and 10 of the municipal net, 30 pupils had been interviewed of education of geography, being 22 of state net and 8 of the municipal net, 30 of History, being 18 of state net and 12 of the municipal net. All the interviews had been carried through between days 19 and 23 of January of 2010. Therefore, some factors are investigated in this research to know if these difficulties happen of basic education. In this manner, will be analyzed and practical pedagogical of the operating professors in the History and the formation areas of Geography as well as the teach-learning of the searched pupils. In this direction, we will see if these difficulties are related to the lack of formation and commitment of these professors, the deficiency in practical the pedagogical ones, the lack of use of the concepts, or perhaps for all these and other factors. However, it is interesting to verify the profile of the result of this work, therefore the intention is not here to point who makes or leaves to make what it is necessary in its lessons, but to contribute for a reflection for practical ours in the teach-learning.

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Brazil Line

This delimitation was stipulated for then the nominada Line Wedge Gomes. In this feeling, as I begin it to Brazil does not recognize acrianas lands as part of its territory, for the opposite, affirming that ' ' tierras non descobiertas' ' they would be for right pertaining Bolivia, this in turn tried to implement and to accomplish its administration front to the acriano territory, however, already they inhabited Brazilians here, over all, northeasterns happened of great migratory surtos established by the gumfera economy, in this feeling, these inhabitants would not accept the imposition bolivian, thus creating the estimated ones of then the Acre Revolution. Despertara then the autonomous dream of the acrianos that after hard battles, over all, commanded for the figure of General Plcido de Castro, had finished for leaving victorious people defeating the Bolivians, known episode as Acre Revolution. However, the Brazilian State finished incorporating the Acre as part of its territory, and established agreements diplomatists with Bolivia (Treated to Petrpolis) and Peru, under the command of the diplomat Baron of Rio Branco, that if detached as figure important in the direction to develop the referring negotiations borders of then the acriano territory in relation to the two Andean countries. For intermediary of Decree 5.188? 07/04/1904, had the regularization of the international limits of the acriano territory, as well as the internal limitations with the State of Amazon through the line Wedge Gomes, who later suffered alterations leaving from being a straight line to become a polygon with vertices, thus taking care of the limits of the cities of this region. Such alteration occurred in 1944, and was established as the first alteration of this line that in the current days suffered other modifications again in order to take care of the bordering cities that were in intercalating of this bordering line. (2005 HISS,) Being the Acre, Brazilian territory, it was necessary, therefore, that a form of administration of this territory was established.

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