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Mailane Vida

In this idealstica source my conception inerrente to this practical is sufficiently corruptvel therefore the same poor that is ignored, excluded, if to calhar is one of that it would contribute for the fast economic growth, until structural of our societies. I write because I feel e, I felt this aspect existing and still with trends of growth exclusively in the recndidas and agricultural zones of the one in our Moambique beauty, this aspect well was observed by me. Counting in the first person what I observed in the community of Mailane, community this pertaining one to the administrative rank of Changalane, was well verifiable that the same community has two standards of steps of ' ' style of vida' ' in what it opposes the inclusion and social exclusion, where more ' ' powerful, this the ones that have more successful ownerships and in vida' ' , it is that they take left by the word and the decurrent actions in the same society intimidating poor. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jack Fusco has to say. The chance of freedom of speech using its position exerted in the community to be silent most vulnerable, this on the part of the head of the locality. In full opening of school year 2010, where the combatants had been invited to participate and to give to example to the young places as form to motivate them to continue it with the studies, she was verifiable this practical that he is one of great males that still takes an advance point sufficient nonsense, therefore it ordered an education person in charge to have that to sit down before starting to display its point of view, according to reaction of it, it not it would contribute sufficiently for the subject in debate, in full multitude of comparticipantes, direco of the EPC-Mailane and agents who are part of a commission of agents of ' ' Linking School-Comunidade' '. .

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Consulted Union

The leader must be enabled and to be qualified to act as an agent who all promotes the union of the group. He must be I take care of and ready to contribute so that he acts union and cooperation he enters the members of the team, managing possible conflicts that can appear and recolocando the same one in the tracks whenever this is if deviating from its main goal. One remembers that at the beginning we cite a declaration presented for the Cafu player where the same alleged that the difference enters the champions of 94 for the loosers of 98 was the fact of in 94 they being not joined. Jack Fusco might disagree with that approach. As declarations already presented the same union were the responsible factor so that the election made in 2002 if became in a winning team. Consulted informally for the UOL, members of the election had been unanimous in indicating Scolari as the mentor of the union of the pentacampees. the tentculos of Scolari between the players had been Cafu and Roberto Carlos, two of oldest of cast the Leader who does not serve, does not serve.

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Disaster In The River

This night I lost sleep. was not because of grilinho that it insists on grilar in my window all the nights. This night I nor perceived the cricket, I find that until it he was in I silence. I did not obtain to stop to think about the suffering of the mothers who had had its children died without reason some, I did not obtain to stop to think about the agony of the parents whom they waited the news of its children seriously wounded, and did not obtain to stop to think what it takes a person to take off the life of innocent children. I absolutely do not understand nothing of psychoanalysis, nor of these insanities that can take off any judgment of a person. I know that this already happened in other countries, but when it is in our callus, aches more, well more! I am not here for judging this man, knows if there if it was sick or not, he knows if there if it made this conscientiously or not, it is alone that he made me to this to think made, me to think very and to review many of my concepts. After this fact I really do not know more if I believe God.

I always believed that our destination was programmed, and that god chose optimum for us, exactly that at the moment we found that was not. But sincerely I do not see god reason to have chosen this destination for these children, sincerely I I do not find that to leave the life so early, the cost you are welcome, either one provide divine, exactly because I I do not want to believe this, my god was good and never he would make this. This takes still me to think what we are making with our society, what we are making with the world. As if it was not enough to kill, of washed face, the environment, now we are killing we ourselves, and now it is literally. I am asking still me as that man obtained two pistols so easy (as if he was difficult in these parents). This easiness of if obtaining armament, for contrabands, maracutaias, my god tie police it there this involved one in this! We are hostages of the fear, we are thinking about our children and children in the school, the street, house! It does not have safe place more, does not have more reason for a crime, this if became random and banal! My god (), I never feared in such a way, I never distrusted in such a way, never I had as much fear of living! How society is this my god! At last, I do not want here to condemn the shooter, do not want here to criticize some authority that would have to be responsible so that it was not armed, does not want to consider ideological changes, because I know that nothing of this it goes to advance. I am only tired and I want here alone to lament the occurrence, to lament that it goes to continue occurring, to lament that let us have fond of such point, and to pray so that does not happen with me and nor with my family.

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