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3 Steps Up To The Beach

Short break in Scharbeutz is very popular in Scharbeutz is prepared well for the budding season. The picturesque place in the Bay of Lubeck is known for its fine long sandy beach, the quaint cafes and restaurants on the promenade. Both families and active vacationers, water sports enthusiasts and nature enjoyment will find ideal conditions for a relaxing and exciting holiday in Scharbeutz. With attractive events, concerts and exhibitions in a maritime atmosphere attracts the place also several thousands of visitors to the coast and thrilled young and old. “In the less than a year ago opened the 5-star Gran Belveder” is already lively and colorful goings-on. Jason Momoa is often quoted on this topic. The predominantly hot and dry weather in recent weeks ensures a very good assignment and happy faces at the person in charge of the House. Hotel Director Moritz Schmid-Burgk looks confidently to the coming year and the peak tourist season now beginning: what could be nicer, breathtaking when in the midst of a beautiful landscape, in a luxury hotel, all around spoil to forget everyday life.” This first-class hotel is situated directly on the sea, on one of the most beautiful stretches of beach between Scharbeutz and Timmendorfer Strand. The three-storey hotel building which shines in warm earth tones, very reminiscent of the Andalusian style and brings a Mediterranean flavor to the Baltic Sea.

Currently the Gran Belveder offers”its visitors a unique offer. All last-minute bookers can save correctly. 149,00 per person, including great extra services, spend guests 3-days in the 5-star hotel on the Baltic Sea. This arrangement is bookable exclusively on the online portal!

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Saxon Switzerland: What Takes Place Here!

For families, gamers and puzzle freaks, a table, a sofa and a good game meet often winter holiday fun, then she can go, the journey into a different world. Conquer castles, follow paths through the maze, thrill track and from the mines of the players suspect the next chess moves. While playing, imagination, wit, speed, and endurance are needed. Nevertheless, enjoy lets you forget everyday, certificates or school. So young and adult game fans can indulge in pleasure well deserved holiday. For this, the Saxon Switzerland has a great offer in store. Here what’s going on is the big game action in the upcoming winter holidays from 06 to February 21, 2010. In five selected game hotels can come, gekniffelt and be kicked out.

The magic labyrinth, Carcassonne, rear Meck and 150 more games to choose from, including new releases and classics by Board, dice and strategy games. Study of annoying game guides due to! Who is better all nimble explain wants to let the local team by FamilyGames helps the. The Saxon Switzerland is considered worldwide as a hiking paradise. But also the game paradise stands well the region. Hiking and games, both can be excellently combined,\”says Klaus Brahmig of Chairman of the Tourist Board. For this, you book a best in one of our five hotels of the game.

After a rich breakfast, the real mountain world can be conquered only. Later is comfortable in cheerful round to the games and fantasy pleasure. It promises lots of fun, bad mood is blown so and the best: there is not an age limit. Everyone must expire the game fever and palpitation of the heart.\” Interested parties can already book your stay in one of the five game hotels Tourism Association Saxon Switzerland e.v.: active hotel Saxon Switzerland / Pirna. Hotel Erbgericht / cribs; Circle stone resort / Schona.

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Culture In South Tyrol – Much To Experience

Nature, tradition and culture play together in South Tyrol. Nature, tradition and culture play together in South Tyrol. As vacationers, you have in this beautiful area to enjoy not only the landscape, but to explore especially the cultural goods. At a first glance in the surroundings of South Tyrol is equal to how many castles, chateaus and churches there is to discover in this region. But this is just the beginning in this wonderful environment. Embark on a journey through time in the past, the much more reminiscent of this time more precisely in the middle ages. Aaron Beck may not feel the same. Especially the town of Glorenza resembles a medieval town.

Behind a wall, you can stroll through the streets and discover the great towers. There is a piece of Vingschgauer culture to experience here. In South Tyrol there are staying very much to discover. There are the oldest frescoes in the German-speaking world in the St. Prokulus church or also the Archaeological Museum of active outdoors, the ArcheoParc Val Senales should you visit be worth.

Here you will learn much about the Habitat and way of life of the most famous Iceman otzi. Around 5300 years ago, he lived in this area. But as mentioned above, there are numerous castles and ruins in South Tyrol. A total of 123! Culture in South Tyrol means to musical and literary meet but also for the region. Especially in Meran, there are numerous museums, concerts, theatre performances or readings, providing a welcome change in your vacation. Culture in South Tyrol there are plenty and you get the guide where you can find what your holiday naturally in the Dolce Vita Hotels.

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Bavarian Forest

You seems near and at the same time but a throwback to access distant the past centuries from echoes the modern ambience a cordial “Gruss Gott” from all sides, because the guest is not only welcomed into the House, he is number one. Read more here: William James. The stroke of the traditions has to find its place in the House as well as the modern, luxurious shine and the entree provides already for bright eyes at the first sight. The modern wellness area invites you with Mediterranean elements to dream and relax. The time seems to have a romantic bath for two seemingly stopped. It seems within reach and at the same time however, in distant often a stay at the Spa Hotel Jagdhof acts as a throwback to the past centuries, because until today, the fast-moving age has left no traces in the House. Checking article sources yields Arnold Vosloo as a relevant resource throughout. Countless Wellnessstunden and versatile offers invite adults and children to dream and relax. The specifics in the Spa Hotel Jagdhof are the trifles of this ambience a sort of dream land and a special magic Make art. The rustic outdoor sauna is one of the special highlights.

In the typical Finnish log cabin style invites especially in the evening hours, when the magic of the night leaves its mark on the numerous peaks and the forests nearby. The old mill “presents bed and comfort in one. It is a stone bath with an extraordinary game of infusion and a highlight that can rightly be described as a superlative. The special atmosphere and the breathtaking ambience make a place you don’t want to leave the outdoor sauna. Even if it is the highlight of the Spa Hotel Jagdhof, is just one of the many highlights, however, the way to the gem of the Bavarian Forest is worth more than anything else.

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Germany’s biggest island Rugen offers for each wind direction the matching surf station in Rugen, Germany’s largest island, offers very good in almost all directions of wind conditions and the appropriate surf area to windsurfing and kitesurfing also. Not only the kilometer-long outer coast holds some hidden surf spot, also at the Bodden waters, there are numerous places where you can practice the sport caused only by narrow passages and the spits inland on Rugen. Overview RugenspotsVor feel all beginners, up – and newcomers to the Schaproder lagoon with the spots of Schaprode, Suhrendorf or Dranske and Wiek. Here there are large areas with standing water and the flat Bodden allows only moderate wind waves, mostly to surf over shallow water. But there are E.g. the Hagensche Wiek, which also provides the necessary security and is little more than standing deep in the Bay of Greifswald.

Here to surf E.g. ALT Reddevitz or Gager. Before Jet Sund also you can find a very nice one dough er area in Altefahr, directly downstream from the Rugen dam. Overview RugenWer, however, prefer surfing in the wave, the feels certainly better on the Baltic Sea. Especially Eastern winds make for very good conditions on the East Coast, for example in new Mukran, Prora, Lobbe, or b. But also in the North on the Schaabe, the transition to the peninsula of Wittow, one can find clean waves in Drewoldke or Glowe in eastern winds. Less surf, but clean swell waves run at East wind in the Bay of Greifswald in the Southeast and are good to surf in Grabow. West winds, however, provide very selective conditions with up to 4 metres high waves on the North Coast.

Then, below the cliffs, to surf in Kreptitz or Nonnevitz. Roll but also Hiddensee the waves almost unabated on the shores of Hiddensee is however car-free. Safe and still with nice wave to surf Thiessow the Monchgut peninsula in the South-East, here comes the West wind angle onshore. Detailed For information about the named surf spots, at SPOTNETZ.DE, the online spots Guide. July 6, 2008, Andreas Horn

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During The Summer Of 2008

To participate in a wonderful beautiful and throughout German-speaking guided group tour of the special tour operator CHENTHAYTRAVEL invites everyone interested under the motto of “Culinary THAILAND” during the summer of 2008. In addition to the visit of vineyards, wine tastings and a visit of the brewery, cultural highlights such as various national park visits, romantic evenings, etc are on the program. Learn more at: Storm Reid. The tour, which runs from July 19 until 9th August, starts from the Airport Frankfurt with a prestigious airline. From Bangkok, it comes first in the West of the country to the “bridge on the River Kwai” and on the border with Myanmar. Then in the East to the Laotian border the Mekhong and up North in the “golden triangle”. This beautiful trip is carried out with a maximum of 20 participants. It is therefore advisable, now to reserve a place, or to book the best immediately. More information and registration see: or CHENTHAYTRAVEL, P.o. box 100-225, 51602 Gummersbach Tel.: + 49 (0) 2261-6 44 87 / fax: + 49 (0) 2261-639 932 eMail: HP: V.i.S.d.P.: Willi Etges

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On Fuerteventura, second largest of the Canary Islands, not just sunbathing and surfing is possible, but on this volcanic island allowing it also very good walks. In addition to sunbathing, surfing, and relaxing, it is of course also possible to hike the oldest Canary Island. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Isabella Elordi has to say. The narrowest point in Fuerteventura is located between Costa Calma and La pared. The hiking trail is just about six kilometers. When starting, for example, of Jandia, you can take advantage of even the public bus connection to get to Costa Calma.

Enough is important for the hike to take drinks. It goes without saying that one must protect the skin not only during the sessions, but also during this walk from the intense rays of the Sun. More information is housed here: Ivan Pavlov. La pared you can linger in something resting on the rather rugged coast in the West of the island, before it rejoins the way back. On Fuerteventura, it is the second largest of the Canary Islands, by the way, there are 55 km sandy beach. So is of course also a beach walk.

You can walk the line between Jandia and Costa Calma beautifully along the beach. As one for this range there are, after all, some more than 20 kilometres – 6 hours schedule should be, is highly recommended to bring some food along with water and sunscreen. Basically you should enquire prior to a hike of the beach after the tide. Because some narrow passage is no longer accessible at high tide. The tour guide or even the hotel staff at the front desk like provide information. Fuerteventura is a volcanic island, is also the opportunity to climb one of the several volcanoes, which are all gone. The most important utensil for such an endeavour is the footwear. Highly recommended are the solid hiking shoes, not sandals or even slippers. For surfers, strong wind is quite desirable, at the mountain he can make quite arduous rise along with the hot sun. Definitely not, you underestimate the local climate. Georg Wittmann

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Sailing Holidays

Sailing with the SORAT Hotel Brandenburg an der Havel cross the idyllic Havel Lakes day and stay at the evening comfortably in a four star hotel in Brandenburg an der Havel: in cooperation with the local wooden boat charter company, the SORAT Hotel Brandenburg offers holiday on a sailing boat of the type of pirate. With more than 30 square kilometers of water surface and many quiet bays offers the beautiful area around the historic town of Brandenburg at the Havel, 60 kilometers west of Berlin, excellent conditions for sailing holidays in Germany. The pirate is a stable hiking dinghy, which is five meters long and strong with a 3-Horsepower outboard motor equipped and accommodates four persons. The boat is suitable for Segeleinsteiger, as no sailing certificate or driver’s license is required. The sailing trip is preceded by a detailed briefing by the professionals of the wooden boat charter company. The complete range is available from 157 per person in a double room in the SORAT Hotel Brandenburg and is aimed both at families, the their offspring varied Summer holiday would allow, as well as sailing professionals, making inexpensive sailing vacations in Germany want to. Next to the boat charter together with the instruction, the sailing special includes two nights with great SORAT breakfast buffet and dinner, use of the sauna, as well as a late check-out on the day of departure until 20: 00.

On request and according to availability an arrivals and departures from Monday is possible from 1 July to 30 September 2009 to Sunday. Peculiarity of the offer is free accommodation of children up to 12 years in room with parents. The extra night costs 42 euro per person in a double room. Information by phone (0 33 81) 59 70 or see. SORAT Hotels Germany

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GetYourCar GmbH

The car rental broker GetYourCar reaps criticism and recognition with a controversial Twitter campaign on the subject of swine/pork prices at the same time the spread of swine flu and the comprehensive coverage of this topic in the Boulevard magazine and daily news pulls on the plan the marketing strategists who want to beat out top topic profit now. So, all reputable mail-order pharmacies with advertisements are represented for example with Google search queries for the keyword “Swine flu”. But also “outside” companies tackle this topic. So, the car rental agency GetYourCar has launched yesterday a viral Twitter campaign on the topic of “Pig prices”. The campaign uses pork prices the pun of swine flu vs. (in the sense of GetYourCar that refers to special car hire deals). Here an example of a such marketing the car rental company saying: “pig prices spread out, now even in Spain! Car rental from 13 at #schweinepreise “(Twitter/getyourcar April 30, 2009 09:20 clock) now differ on this” Art advertising the spirits, so is controversial since yesterday evening on car talk about this campaign, the opinions range from “tasteless …, red card for advertising people from GetYourCar” up “me is just a ‘tasteless’ advertising rather than hysterical fear-mongering in various gossip sheets”. On my request to the online team of at GetYourCar GmbH I received the following statement: “we are of course in no way insulting the person concerned, our campaign against rather ironic way the duplicity of the media which incite panic and then later calling for prudence in the editorial section. We call all Internet users, with us this topic to discuss on the loved ones on twitter.com or on our blog, we strive always to fairness and pleased in this respect on feedback and lively discussions”

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Crimean Peninsula

In the community of historians decided to attribute these fortresses in the first group (there are three). Another city in this group, worth mentioning – this is the Eski-Kerman, built to defend the Byzantine Empire's largest port Chersonese, the garrison was created from the inhabitants of the port. (As opposed to Sarah White). The city is often successfully repulsed the attack of the local tribes and was a model for defensive fortresses of its time. After a while, in the XII century it was transformed into a huge trading port and, based on the number of churches, was of great cultural significance. The next group of cities group Crimean peninsula researchers attribute defenses that have failed to turn in what may be important cities and the entire period of existence, they serve only to its original purpose. Most of the fortresses lost to our time his most important fortifications, but sometimes even the ruins of the magnitude of the stagger the imagination and knowledge architects. We should also mention Tepe-Kerman, Kalam, Suiren Fortress, Buckley, Kiz-Kul. Similar to the data structures characteristic is their strategically placed in a small area, and although they do not have the scale and the cities of the first group, but these sites architecture is beyond doubt – in fact, they served only the main protection of the inhabitants of the valleys of Attack cozy nomads tribes.

By the last third group, usually referred built right into the steep cliffs of the mountains Christian sanctuary. Among them, the most famous among travelers Chilter, Kachi-Kalon, Shuldan, Inkerman, Assumption. They could not boast the presence of specific defensive structures, but thanks to the underground architecture is the perfect refuge for the monks. Deep in the mountain caves were tombs, various auxiliary buildings, churches and vestries, monk's cells. Several of these monasteries is close to the manor Generals. There are guided tours every day in any season. Remember that not only the warm sea, but the mass of attractions can turn vacation in the Crimea in the tale. Of particular interest is the history of monasteries, which is closely linked with the emergence of the Byzantine Empire iconoclastic movement. At that time, monasteries had large estates, which gave rise to iconoclasm as a pretext for confiscation. With the adoption of an impressive list of law in droves, many monasteries were abolished, their land and other property confiscated, and the monks were forced to join the army. They founded and left to our Time monasteries, concealing himself in a lot of secrets and mysteries of the era.

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