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I have come to the conclusion that I have a nutritional approach wrong. I do strict diet for a while and then, a few weeks of having thinned, I get to overeating again, fattening and turn to start seems a never-ending struggle in which I go always losing, but for some reason that escapes me, I cannot help but do so. Luisa Plasencia Espana estimated Luisa: seems more than a nutritional approach wrong, seems a wrong way of life, like all extremist attitude. So rather than lose this fight out, sales losing yourself in general. You probably would think about if, on every occasion, you choose what you do or if you respond to a social pattern, a family habit or an extreme escapist behavior. You try to differentiate emotional states that take you to eat too much or put you on a diet.

Starts with the pattern of overeating: think about how you feel, if there is a feeling of emptiness that you need to fill out or if there is something that you distress and you find it easier to eat rather than face to This painful situation. Ask yourself if, lately, have you felt too exposed emotionally and are looking for ways to create a shell with your body. Same thing for when you decide to put you on a diet: do you do it by own decision or respond to the social ideal, to feel recognized by the people that surrounds you? Of course, these are only common grounds; You must find their own. There is one thing that seems to be clear and is that, in one way or another, always feel guilty, as if you could not enjoy any momento. Gives you the option of feeling that you deserve to enjoy you, your body, your life. Many experts propose, in this sense, include one that another transgression in the diet: a food fad daily, or weekly, something that flexibility to the rigorous attitude that is needed in those moments..

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The Gold Rush

Buy gold maximum payment price. Since the real estate was adrift and has not been puppet head, many businesses and personnel associated with this activity has sought other ways to earn money fast. Year ago and half a friend suggested me to perform this activity using the facilities of our financial, we did some shopping that I still keep and I must say that pleasantly surprised by the profitability of the then purchase price and selling price right now, but see people normal shedding of its last relics jewelry often inherited from their parents or grandparents is not a tasteful dish, so I decided to leave this activity and follow other routes. Suddenly begin to see signs everywhere of buy gold pay maximum price, and slogans like, and then the premises before with poster bed now with poster of buy gold. Even now I breakfast news with companies that buy you prior mailing, formerly loans for consumption, like cofidis and others and now touches pay these loans and in him but of the cases just to be able to eat or cover any extraordinary expense. As all this exploded at some point because the price of gold has put to a level that it is advisable to be prudent to at least, and especially when you think in previous balloons, as the same real estate and 10 years of new technologies. Like any market there are who outwits and earn lots of money and in other cases those arriving in tow once the euphoria is widespread, but we think that it will happen tomorrow if any country, for example United States, to cope with its wars or its financial crisis put into circulation a vast amount of gold to make liquidity, or same Spain that already did something like this to low scale. The result will be the same as with the housing market many stay with their gold at a price higher than the market, greed is the but counselor but market fluctuations and especially if you play with values of value volatile, if not you feel before the others when you stop the music hit you a tremendous thud, but as we learned not already see the result of this booming business..

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