One day my friend and I decided to go to the capital to buy equipment for the hike. Extra money for the train we have not had so we decided to try one of the new modes of transportation – namely, hitchhiking. Went once, second, like it. Sonny Perdue has plenty of information regarding this issue. It is worth noting that hitchhiking is still a matter of young people not a few questions so I decided to devote a separate chapter. Time is now expensive and so just so no one will do nothing. But if to know certain rules and be able to communicate, our brother can seriously save on travel and general good conduct while in transit. Save The most important benefit – it saves money. Even if you refuse to ride for free you still stay in positive territory.

Best of all at once when the car stopped, warn the driver that you have no money. If time is short, and finance are found, try to haggle. Where to vote in the main it is hitchhiking choose the right position to vote with respect to time of day and year (even lighting, position of the sun and moon), equipment and goods, especially roads, etc. Choosing a place for you to vote is important to assess its position with respect vision. The driver and you should be visible to each other, to communicate with gestures. The location should be convenient to stop the machine. As is known, the chances of stopping the machine to increase various obstacles: traffic lights, turns, positions gai, because at these places cars slow down.