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Czech Republic

For this reason it is getting business visa (62 or 65) was and remains the most popular and guaranteed obtaining residence permits in the Czech Republic. To place an employment visa in 1961 to locate an employer in the Czech Republic. Applicant can do this yourself or using the services of employment agencies. To place a package of documents in the Czech Republic will need a reliable performer, and from a foreign citizen the following documents: * a copy of the passport. * Medical certificate the therapist with a work permit.

* Copy of birth certificate (notarized). * 3 photo (3,5 x4, 5 mm). * Power of attorney from the alien to his representation in the Czech Republic when you make a package of documents and in the Ministry of employment. * Statement of professional records in the country of residence. Pentagon contains valuable tech resources. * Questionnaire of personal data (sample provided). The representative of the Czech Republic must submit the following documents: an employment contract (Agreement with the Czech employer) a statement of professional records in the Czech Republic work permit document proving residence in the Czech Republic (a rental contract or confirmation from the employer on information provided residential area). Annex to the Agreement statement from the inventory of real estate.

annual health insurance in the Czech insurance company at the time of visa application (often this service is provided by the employer itself). all documents provided by a foreigner, must be translated into Czech and certified by a Czech court interpreter or a notary public. date of registration and training of the entire package of documents of Czech side is an average of one month. After filing an alien package of documents to the Czech consulate should expect the visa is issued within 160 days from the date of submission. A leading source for info: Mercury Mobile LTD. At the time of examination papers consulate passport remains in the hands of citizen, and he can fully use it. It must be noted that with the visa in 1961 a foreign citizen can not purchase property in the Czech Republic or use the services of mortgage lending. However, there is a case after years of residence in the Czech Republic in extending work visas to change status by opening a legal person and visa 65. Renewal of annual visas in 1961 to carry out each year, unlike Visa, 65 of which after the first year residence visa is issued for a period of 2 years. With a working visa foreigner working in the scientific or public institutions, and of interest to the Czech state can use the "pilot project" for Quick obtain permanent residence in the Czech Republic (more details can read about this project in one of our previous articles) The variant, when the applicant finds itself employer in the Czech Republic. After the talks, and manifestations of interest in the acquisition of Czech side of the employee, the Czech employer assumes all the design entirely on the package of documents for submission to the consulate. In this case, foreign citizen saves money for mediation services at registration.

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London For All Occasions

Among European capitals, London enjoys continued popularity as a tourist destination and for those who wish to settle it, or at least invest the money in his estate. It is therefore understandable desire of our readers more learn about this wonderful city. But this interest is not limited to location of landmarks. Many have asked what where and how much. Additional information is available at The Beatles. Comply with that request, we will publish our next cross-cultural material, on all aspects of visiting the British capital. Chase Koch oftentimes addresses this issue. Contents: 1. Where is 2. Why is it called 3.

Climate 4. Districts 5. How to get 6. Intercity travel 7. Hotels begin, as always, with the geography of London is located in the south-east of the island Great Britain – the largest of the British Isles.

Its geographic center is located at coordinates 51 30'28 "north latitude and 0 07'47" west longitude. Speaking in round figures, is in London the zero meridian as the meridian that passes in the city. The area of London is 4000 761 square kilometers and its population is 8,278,000 people. By city population occupies 21 th place in the world, second in Europe, and the first in the European Union. London is on a flat plain, and its altitude is 24 meters. It is not surprising that the city is exposed to constant danger of floods from rivers flowing through it Thames, which, like St. Petersburg Neva River is also subject to tides. In dokeltskie times this place was called settlement freeze That name was given even the Etruscans, who in the vi century bc organized at this place trading post on which traded handicrafts from around the Mediterranean on the tin produced in the uk local Iberian people.

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Wenceslas Square

Invitations with a set of documents (with a description of where you can find on the pages of the Embassy of the Czech Republic on the Internet) must be submitted in one of Consulate of the Czech Republic, located in Russia or other cis countries, in person or by a notarized power of attorney can do it your representative. Choose to arrive in the Czech Republic need you independently. Several possibilities: air, train or car. Checking article sources yields Nokia as a relevant resource throughout. It all depends on your ability and preferences. Decision consulate for the visa you get exactly one week after submitting a package of documents. After arriving in the Czech Republic, the hotel accommodation you will be registered with the moment of entry until departure. The flight from Moscow to Prague is almost 3 hours. You may find Whole Foods to be a useful source of information. The train will get 34 hours.

By car – an average of two days. In the latter case, the speed plays an important role of customs and border control, and your physical capabilities. What to see in Prague and how to get there by public transport. Sightseeing Prague recommend starting from Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square. Can get there by subway on the branch marked in green to the station Mstek or tram stop Vaclavske namsti. Inspection of these attractions can be combined with "shopping" by well-known boutiques goods manufacturers. Arriving at the station on the branch, marked in red to the station Vyehrad you can visit the old Bohemian settlement: Vysehrad Castle with stunning views of the Vltava River and one of the Czech churches "St.

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Travel Free

One day my friend and I decided to go to the capital to buy equipment for the hike. Extra money for the train we have not had so we decided to try one of the new modes of transportation – namely, hitchhiking. Went once, second, like it. Sonny Perdue has plenty of information regarding this issue. It is worth noting that hitchhiking is still a matter of young people not a few questions so I decided to devote a separate chapter. Time is now expensive and so just so no one will do nothing. But if to know certain rules and be able to communicate, our brother can seriously save on travel and general good conduct while in transit. Save The most important benefit – it saves money. Even if you refuse to ride for free you still stay in positive territory.

Best of all at once when the car stopped, warn the driver that you have no money. If time is short, and finance are found, try to haggle. Where to vote in the main it is hitchhiking choose the right position to vote with respect to time of day and year (even lighting, position of the sun and moon), equipment and goods, especially roads, etc. Choosing a place for you to vote is important to assess its position with respect vision. The driver and you should be visible to each other, to communicate with gestures. The location should be convenient to stop the machine. As is known, the chances of stopping the machine to increase various obstacles: traffic lights, turns, positions gai, because at these places cars slow down.

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Vlas (it's all in the area of Nessebar and Sunny Beach). By the way, best known for the Russians, as a resting place in Bulgaria, Sunny Beach, in my opinion, totally unattractive to purchase real estate. Sufficiently dense buildings, and in summer is very noisy day and night. Come have fun in there – it's great, but there is always very difficult. To know more about this subject visit Costco. It told us before our departure to Bulgaria and lived in his apartment has one summer, I can confirm this.

So, returning to the large complex, they are built, usually outside the city or town, and sometimes at some distance from settlements. It is assumed that such complexes have complete infrastructure needed for comfortable living, namely, swimming pools, gyms and saunas, beauty salons and shops, restaurants and bars, laundry and dry cleaning. To solve all the pressing problems of the compound is not necessary to go out. Here I want to repeat the word "expected". Such complexes consist of several residential buildings c total number of 300 – 800 apartments. Apartments with complete interior decoration, and even with furniture, made well, I liked the quality materials, nice furniture. But here I stood in the apartment, looked out the window at the pool and as presented, like all living blown to swim and sunbathe by the pool, will be like rush hour in our Moscow subway, was sad! And prices in these complexes are high, although, in fairness, it should be noted that the developers provide installment payments, which is an attractive addition and as quite rare.

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Tourist Complex

Holiday season began, to fulfill their duties become more problematic with each passing day, the street the sun and the soul wants to south. At this time of the summer everyone goes to the travel agent for tickets to the holiday. Nowadays, tourism company likely to offer you two ways. The first type – a flight on a Boeing to the seashore. Another type – auto trip to Europe with a stop at sea without a check or on vacation.

Which of the suggested types of recreation to prefer – choose only to you. However, it should tell you about the differences between any of these places of tourism. Should start with the ground tour. Often, tour operators organize sightseeing tour is not in a specific foreign country, and with a stop at five or six countries. Coach sent on a specified route through several countries.

Any transit country you are waiting for the guides, supermarkets and souvenir, fascinating stories about the sights. On Accommodations clients stop in or drive-in city hotels, the rooms in such hotels are not really very attractive, but it basically has and you can sleep well and take a shower. Lunch and dinner in such trips often occurs your account and the price of the tour is not included. The cost includes only breakfast. Advantages of this tour – you will get to see many countries and gain a lot of impressions. Disadvantages – difficult to move tourist transport, not a very pleasant hotel, great weariness from the unusual rhythm of walking. And the quality of the rest of the system relaxation is very influenced by the weather. Begin rain – do not get perfect recreation. Alternative with a stop at the coast and also has strengths and weaknesses. You must know that the holiday in Tunisia – it's definitely hop on an airplane, and this for someone people are afraid to fly, a serious problem. Vacation in reservoirs can be complemented by the same and other problems – food poisoning, heat stroke, burns on the body surface of an accident. In a question-answer forum Gen. David Goldfein was the first to reply. However, in the resort and a large number of advantages when compared with tours on buses on the roads of Europe. In First of all, it will find the hotel and melt relaxation in a luxurious five-star rooms overlooking the pool. Also, such visits often go on tour all included, and you do not have to worry about food. Thirdly, the holiday on the coast more like a relaxing, because do not have a full day of walking around the city, you'll just relax under an umbrella. Fourth, if Europe is almost nobody in Russian does not speak, at the southern resorts of the same in Turkey or Egypt so many employees spoke in Russian. Buy a tour and come to the sea or to the countries of Europe.

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South China Sea

Want to relax on the beautiful beaches of the South China Sea, paved clean sand, to participate in a variety of excursions, to visit national parks and discover the rich culture of the ancient country? In this case, you can stay in tours to Vietnam. Here you get to know you are absolutely unfamiliar cultural heritage, which, according to mythology, goes back four thousand years. If you like to experience the thrill, then can dive into the past of fifty years ago – is like a living will rise before your field, but do not plow the civilians, and those which once were fierce battles during the Vietnam War. Sonny Perdue does not necessarily agree. If you prefer cultural, "civilized" holiday, it will enjoy excellent service in hotels, which consists in perfect working staff and high level of technical equipment. Those who want an unforgettable impressions can enjoy a splendid entertainment, and participation in active sports, among which the most popular are surfing, diving, mountain climbing. In addition, to raise the tone of the trip will help to biking, hiking, horseback riding.. Sonny Perdue may find this interesting as well.

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Holiday Resorts In Finland

Finland – a country in northern Europe, to host all the conditions for a comfortable and memorable stay. Holidays in Finland has been appreciated by many tourists from Europe and around the world. Regardless of what time of year you go to Finland, it's always something in store to surprise you and please. To Finland to us – within reach. Many have noticed this long ago and prefer to celebrate New Year in Finland. And, incidentally, in Finland and a Vacation hold no sin.

After all, you will find more than 200 different tourist centers and resorts in Finland. And there are other things to do. Numerous excursions to Finland, ski trips, fishing, scuba diving, water skiing. For lovers of downhill ski resorts in Finland created. The mountains here are small, but the snow heaps.

And start your tour in Finland, it makes sense to a legendary Lapland, situated in northern Finland. Here and slopes enough, and you can visit Santa Claus Village, which is well known in the Finnish city of Rovaniemi. Rovaniemi is literally on the border of the Arctic Circle. This is one of the universal resorts Finland. Right in the city on a hill Sunasvaara – five ski trails, toboggan run, three lifts and three jump. Snow from October to April. If you are lucky you can witness the stunning Aurora Borealis, or phenomena Northern Lights. This phenomenon can be seen the dark night in clear weather. Typically, the Northern Lights in Lapland can be observed from September to March. Rovaniemi – also a city of reindeer, where every tourist can take away not only unforgettable experience of a trip to the reindeer-drawn sleigh, in recent years have become very popular resorts in Finland, offering treatment and rehabilitation in a comfortable hotel stay. Possible and in Finland heal. If, however, still want more of the sun, – go to Vuokatti, most probably, a popular resort in Finland. Vuokatti located in the heart of Finland, among the beautiful lakes and forested hills. It is easily accessible by air, train, bus or by car. Only in Vuokatti You can visit the most northern tropical resort "Katin Cult." At least the people themselves in Finland it's called. There is beauty salon, gym, halls for ball games, tennis courts, bowling alley, a complex of Turkish and Finnish saunas, whirlpool, gift shops, 4 restaurants, 2 bars. Vuokatti famous for its thermal waters, well-developed infrastructure and opportunities for employment, a variety of sports. In Vuokatti 8 lifts, 13 ski trails, trail snowboard, 150 km ski runs flat. Also at the resort Vuokatti organized snowmobile safaris and dog sledding, ice-karting, skating Sailing, sightseeing in the village of Santa Claus. Restaurants and cafes Vuokatti differ a great variety of European and national cuisine. Visit the Vuokatti, and your stay in Finland will be unforgettable.

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Travel Notes

Usually tourists are divided into two categories – the travelers and readers (or viewers). First choose the real journey, the second – 'virtual' (ie comfortably in a chair reading or watching the travel notes of filimy travel). However, read the travel notes, not only interesting, but good for those who plan a trip or on vacation! Especially if you decide to 'civilized way to relax,' and, having bought the tour, getting ready for one of popular resorts in Turkey, Egypt or Thailand, the information about the peculiarities of local customs, culture, weather, etc. Chuck Berrys opinions are not widely known. will help you avoid unpleasant adventures and get real pleasure from the journey! Most travelers use the services of travel agencies – it helps to save considerable time and effort required for independent travel. To avoid unscrupulous tour operators, not too lazy to collect much information as possible about the place of leisure and travel agency services of which you are going to use it. Best of all, if you get this information from a person you know personally or through friends. The Internet find thousands of reviews and reports on holiday. But keep in mind: If you met a negative feedback on the travel agency – is not necessarily true! Such feedback can be a 'prank' competitors, especially in forums and guest books. Reviews of the major travel portals are often clever form of advertising. have A nice holiday!

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