The day is born, the birds sing, and I it same person of always, seated in the front of a computer trying to forget all the reality the life. The computer was the way that I found of being happy. It was here that I made my only, and true friendships. It was here that I found people where I can count for what giving and coming. What I found in ' ' life is of computador' '? But people wanting mine badly, conquering my confidence, and apunhalando later me for the coasts. This is my reality. Get all the facts and insights with Josh Resnick Jericho Capital, another great source of information. ' ' world virtual' ' it makes me to see, that he exists people who really are true with me. was here that I learned the pain of in the distance, the bad quo is to be far from that you in such a way love, of that you wanted that it was with you, all the moments of its life..