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Village Rock

– I came to finish my work said Jaime, shooting in the old one. They had been three certeiros shots. Soon the fantasmagrica figure disappeared in the shades of the night and seemed to come back to the hell with plus a crime in its cold conscience. * The old clock of wall in the room of the great house, beat ten times. They were twenty and two hours. The Colonel and its wife had been for the room. They had been to sleep. The house was very great for they, therefore they did not have children not to be one two or three boys of the Village Rock, that its mothers affirmed to be children of the Colonel. If you would like to know more about Jack Fusco, then click here.

They were almost half night. Everything was tranquilo when suddenly a glass racket heard if breaking. Jaime thought: – Still he has drunk people of the party? Immediately afterwards more glass racket heard if breaking. Jaime arose it pressas and saw frightened the front of the great one sobrado catching fire. He left running its house in direction to the sobrado one.

Soon he saw a fire torch flying of inside of the canavial in direction to the deep one of the sobrado one. Suddenly the fire torch blew up in the door of the deep one and went up one lavareda of one three meters of height. Jaime came back running toward its small house in order to catch its metal ring. When he reached the door of the front was abated for a metal ring shot that came of inside of the canavial. Read more from Harold Ford Jr to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In half hour the fire already reached the first one to walk of the sobrado one. Now, Z and its group arrived more close to house great launched coquetis Molotov for inside of the sobrado one through the broken windows.

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Jokers.de: Big Online-guide To The Leipzig Book Fair

For the first time with booth at the Leipziger Messe / 1000 tickets to win for the first time book fair from 13 to 16 March 2008 will attend the Joker, the specialist in rest requirements and special editions, with its own booth at the Leipzig. Also has Joker its proven exhibition guide for the Leipziger Messe expanded and updated: see leipzig for book fans and comprehensive visitors information about the year’s spring meeting of the book and media industry and can also win one of a total of 1,000 tickets for the Leipzig book fair. Wolfgang Nikrandt, Managing Director of Joker: “the Leipzig book fair with our extensive and informative online guide to support natural service for our customers is us. As a result and with our new booth at the fair we are committed to literature and help to keep alive the read.” Internet users will find immediately all relevant information relating to the Leipzig book fair in the big book fair online guide at leipzig. For example the programme of events, information on special events, accommodation, information on the city of Leipzig, their history and what makes them the book town, also attractions, museums, galleries, excursions in the surrounding area, and much more. And there is also tips to the right places for relaxation and refreshments who finally had enough of culture.

For the first time will attend the Joker at the Leipzig book fair on-site for customers. “We set up our booth as a Joker Bookstore. He should be meeting place for nice and literature-loving people”, Wolfgang Nikrandt. From 13th to 16th March 2008 3 highlights from the rich Joker program with books, DVDs, audiobooks and CDs will be presented at the stand of 403 in Hall. Anyone who looks past, there is an anthology of the short thrillers the Friedrich Glauser – Prize for free and can participate in a raffle.

The Leipzig book fair: The Leipzig book fair is the most important spring gathering of the book and Media industry and has developed into a brand with Germany and European broadcasting. 127,500 visitors and more than 2,300 exhibitors came in the spring of 2007. Focus on the Leipzig book fair 2008 will be the Croatian literature. Joker: Joker is as a shipper of quality rest requirements and special editions market leader in this segment of the book trade and belongs to the Augsburg Verlagsgruppe Weltbild GmbH.

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Virtual Friendships

The day is born, the birds sing, and I it same person of always, seated in the front of a computer trying to forget all the reality the life. The computer was the way that I found of being happy. It was here that I made my only, and true friendships. It was here that I found people where I can count for what giving and coming. What I found in ' ' life is of computador' '? But people wanting mine badly, conquering my confidence, and apunhalando later me for the coasts. This is my reality. Get all the facts and insights with Josh Resnick Jericho Capital, another great source of information. ' ' world virtual' ' it makes me to see, that he exists people who really are true with me. was here that I learned the pain of in the distance, the bad quo is to be far from that you in such a way love, of that you wanted that it was with you, all the moments of its life..

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In this article intended itself to show how much literature is a way important to denounce and to criticize the existing events in one determined time. We detach the workmanship Captains of the Sand, written for Loved Jorge who used itself of a simple language to attract the attention of the readers. The literature that before possua an elaborated language will go to the decade of 30, to change its face total. It will go to possess a simple language, come back toward the public, therefore an elaborated language the majority of the population had difficulty to read, therefore the educational level was low the people did not have an interpretation capacity. With the untied language lightest and, it makes with that the society in general has contact with the literary universe. This lighter language will go to mesclar with the denunciation and the social injustices that many writers of this time will go to approach and is with this aspect that we will go to detach in this research with the workmanship Sand Captains of our beloved Loved Jorge. In this article, using of one he searches bibliographical, we will go to perceive what Loved Jorge wanted to approach, to show the true Brazilian face. The historical context of the decade of 30, year will be analyzed where it was written the book, the social biography of the author Loved Jorge and problems faced by the personages.

We will travel for the book Captains of the Sand, with its beautiful plot, beauties personages and to perceive critical the social one very argued well for Loved. PALAVRAS-CHAVE Literature, Loved Jorge, critical social, Captains of the sand. This ABSTRACT In article intends you be shown how literature is an important means you expose and criticize the events present in given teams.

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Objectives General

Objectives General? To perceive the literary writing feminine front to the masculine writing in the contemporaneidade, and its contribution in the construction of the comosujeito woman in the social process. Specific? To understand the woman in the current literary context; Focar the literature as half of emancipation of the woman and ccomplishing of its proper discovery; To observe literature as plaintiff of the feminine identity. Methodology This research is attended of bibliographical source. We count on the contribution of authors as: Woof (1996), Yourcenar (1980), Wedge (2001) among others to strengthen thematic the boarded one in such research. The research of bibliographical matrix found here enriched the study in question. This study it tries to approach the woman contemporary and the influence that can exert the literary writing in its life and its social independence. Summary? The feminine writing in the contemporaneidade and its possible victories; The woman in current literary context and the happened impasses of the masculine writing; Literature and its contribution for the feminine emancipation; Literature and identity in the feminine scope.

Theoretical basement Notices that the marks that still separate the woman of the masculine privileges are clear. In literature, this optics would not be different. The woman, until the end of century nineteen was seen as a passvel being. When the acometia masculine writing the woman, this age alone sight as a lack and a possible satisfaction of the masculine ego. What it referred to the feminine mysteries and to its you distress were suffocated. The man when writing on the woman, allowing it protagonist of its workmanship, as the romantic Iracema and the Capitu realist in century nineteen, exposed it its life, its ways and position, however its voice was not allowed. Omitting the possibility of its position in way to the social one by means of literature.

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