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High-tech from Germany to once again conquer the world! A product that is in the world without any competition? No competitor has something similar? Yes, something is there indeed once again. And it’s coming from Germany. Namely, if this is still a small investor. And there are even their two products that bring this incredible property with them. Check with ihor kononenko to learn more. More specifically: Are motorcycles. Nr. 1: tested with over 400 km/h the fastest motorcycle in the world, with a 1.5 litre V8 from the formula 1 development thanks to 280 Horsepower and special chassis technology to the market with MACH 0.33 “, i.e.

375 km/h, will be. So quickly is probably never a drive… But the owner knows he could, if he wanted to! This incredible bike has many features that can be found only in F1 or in building modern aircraft. The materials used are magnesium for the chassis, Kevlar for the wheels and carbon for the body in addition to advanced aluminium alloys for the motor. Of course coupled as in F1: fly-by-wire. Only an electronic impulse is propagated to the tax system, the rest is automatic. The clutch is of course also electronically used only for starting and stopping.

And Bridgestone had to specially develop a special tire holding out all. Nr. 2: the other bike comes completely opposed to his sister as from time immemorial. And its name promises enormous: MONOS. “Translated from the Greek into English: the only one”. Meaning, that each customer already at the factory can order so-called factory customizing his own motorcycle”. And the superlatives is not here in the horsepower, but the primal power. A fat, from head to toe from a solid block of aluminum CNC machined V2 engine with a capacity of 2.5 litres, many modern turbo diesels to teach fear: 225 nm torque at 3750 RPM are for real men. And absolutely unique. Just displacement instead of Turbo! Both motorcycles are originally from a formula-1-famous British “Developed engine designer, you want to but now made in Germany” conquer the world. And of course, environmentally friendly, because the motors meet that the strict US emissions standards, which by far exceed the EURO 4. Those who are interested to enter the project, the Web site is recommended. Joachim Gabriel

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Suddeutsche Harley

The House of flames Munich West in Munchen Freiham finally has come. After the branches in Ulm – ring Germany and Munich Zamdorf there will be soon a further branch of the Suddeutsche Harley-Davidson dealer: the House of flames Munich West. The great success of the two parent companies made in managing director Walter Zabel”Maygatt mature decision, to offer the customer an additional address for the good taste. And good taste is here literally, because in addition to a retail space of over 1000 square metres, a modern equipped workshop and the usual wide range of new Harley-Davidson motorcycles, constantly changing used cars, the latest accessories from the P & A range as well as a fashion Department that is second to none, also the pampered palate something offered. So, the top floor of the multi-story retail shop for a restaurant with spacious roof terrace is designed, where not only die-hard Harley riders on your costs can come. Also in the West “so soon all the characters on Milwaukee V – Twin: sale, service and reconstruction of Harley-Davidson offered as motorcycles such as the rental of the popular two-wheelers, because also Munich West rental station called official” led.

Opposite the furniture Hoffner branch free ham will be the long planned and perfectly thought-through business in the next few months. Thus, the often busy itinerary is reduced for the customers from the Munich West and quick ways are guaranteed through the direct connection to the motorway A96. Also the Munich chapter of the Harley owners group finds a new home in Freiham. After several years of homelessness”, the Munich members in Munich have a reliable contact person again West. Follow the construction of the most modern HD dealer in Germany in the coming weeks and months and now await a memorable opening ceremony in Freiham.

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Components Introduction

It is known that cement mill is the key equipment used to re-crush the pipes. Debbie Staggs understands that this is vital information. This mill is widely used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizer, black and non-ferrous metal processing, glass ceramics production, and the other industries. The mill components: 1. Cylinder This machine is the horizontal cylinder rotating device, and mainly composed of mill door cylinder, bolts, the most important failures of the cylinder liner bolt gray mill gate leakage leakage are gray, barrel bending, in view of the cement mill temperature, rarely occur the cylinder bending phenomenon, but the cement grinding is relatively thin, cylinder bolts and mill door drain phenomena often appear gray. To this end, we are required to arrange the cylinder mill door fastening work at any time when the mill shuts down.

2 Liner Liner is used to protect the cylinder, and avoid damage of the long-term impact and friction cylinder, we can also adjust the motion state of the material in mill. When checking, we mainlycheck the liner wear condition, whether the liner bolts are loose or not to avoid fall liner s excessive wear, because this wear can result the material changes in the state of motion and reduces cylinder life. 3 Compartment plate Compartment plate is mainly composed of center circle compartment plate, stock guide cone, grate plate, lifting plate, lining, compartment plate bracket, blind plate. When checking, the main work is to check whether the compartment plate bolts loose, fall, each grate is intact, grate seam is clogging the grate plate and blind plate excessive wear, cracks compartment plate bracket, whether the impact of the grate plate, string ball phenomenon or not. 4 Main bearing Bear the mill rotary part quality and impact of the medium grinding, the mill support on the main bearing through the hollow shaft, the bearing housing is equipped with bearing cap, observation hole (observation of oil supply and the control shaft, bushing functioning), the thermometer of the temperature measurement. Use the bearing lubricant lubrication and lubrication these two methods, dynamic pressure University University adopts the low fuel supply, to the mill speed is low, the oil film dynamic duo pressure formed is thin, can not reach the effect of liquid friction and lubrication, so the hydrostatic lubrication is adopted, specifically set of high-pressure oil pump for high-pressure oil to the oil bag, rely on the pressure of the oil to form a thick film. In the normal operation, the static pressure lubrication, University lubrication still work automatically, when the static pressure problems, the dynamic pressure appears. The general bearing liner temperature does not exceed 70 allowed. If the bush-burning phenomenon occurs, we must take the cooling method. original link: Spiral separator: Jaw crusher: Sand washing plant: Raymond mill:

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