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Kuban River

I was once invited to a very interesting fishing and would like to talk about how to catch catfish on a donk. As is well known catfish – is a predatory fish, which mainly lives in the southern and central areas. Catfish – Fish donaya that loves to deep pits. In such wells it is hunting and wintering. For even more analysis, hear from Jack Fusco. Not far from Krasnodar, where I rested for several years, runs a river Elbe, it is a tributary of the Kuban River.

Elbe – a quiet river, glublina varies from 0.5 to 5m. Channel Elbe – is replete with twists and turns, with wide and narrow in places. The river is well up to 5 meters. That's one of those pits and I tried to catch catfish. For fishing I have made two Donkey. Bottom fishing rod is a 4 meter whip carved out of thick and solid aspen.

One side of the whip sharpened in order to firmly stick to the beach. On the other hand a whip tied monofilament with a diameter of 1 mm. Length of about 10 meters. Go to the fishing line is attached a great hook number 10. (Not to be confused with Jill Schlesinger!). For prevent the demolition of gear over the end of the fishing line is tied as a weight of 100 grams. As an alarm bite by the end of the rod attached bell aspen. For bait I was using large worms. Fishing technique is very simple. Bait, so that the stinger hook to hide completely. Throws tackle in the location of the pit and the proposed location of hunting catfish. When well selected load, the line becomes upright or slightly deflected in the direction of flow. Rod firmly stuck to the beach. Then you should be patient, waiting for a bite to be determined by the bell. Catfish are biting more often late at night, when it becomes almost dark. Bite is sharp and quite strong. Immediately after the bite necessary to produce very sharp and sweeps and vyvazhivat the least possible delay. Dimensions soms, which managed to catch me, do not exceed 5 kg, and I coped with them quite quickly. But remember that this fish could be 100 kg! You should always be prepared to a long and hard vyvazhivanii especially large specimens. Perhaps this article will help you catch of catfish. And no tail, no scales!

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River Psyol

I am constantly on the fishermen's River Psyol. This magnificent river full of chub, chub and ide, and also differs greatly overgrown banks. Of course, the place to catch the May beetle on this overgrown bank to find not so simple as to be able to freely cast the bait and the fish is pulling. Typically, suitable for fishing or small toe sharp turn of the river. In order to find a parking lot of fish, throw a few bugs at different distances from the shore and watch them. Seeing the place where the fish are swimming in enough surface of the beetles quickly nazhivlyayu hook and neglecting the bug so that it was in the water belly down. In this position the fish takes him more confident and well overreach.

Thrown into the water beetle, and do not close lesoukladyvatel light twitching the rod throw down the line, after floating beetle. Bite, as a rule, always unexpected: a sudden the water is formed crater, and the beetle disappear in it. It took a chub or asp. Ide takes a more cautious, leaning out of the water and grabbing the beetle with his lips. Then, on the surface shows the dorsal fin or tail of a fish, and it swallows a beetle goes into depth. After a bite to wait two or three seconds and abruptly podsech to hook jumped out of the solid bodies beetle and stared into the jaws of the fish. For the first time a fish is resisting very strongly, so that it is possible breakage of line, breakage of the hook and even fishing rods.

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Lake Seliger

Recreation at Lake Seliger. Perhaps, wherever people live, there are guests. Seliger on many visitors. In the past, the most famous guests was Ostashkov Emperor Alexander I, who visited the city in 1820 and talked with citizens from the balcony of the house merchant and factory owner Kondrati Savin. Prior to that, the city of Novgorod visited the Governor General Earl Sievers, who initiated the Catherine II approved master plan and the status of the city. The largest hotel on the shores of Seliger reside in the city, and in Nilova desert. It consisted of two buildings. Construction of the first – a two-story – especially for wealthy visitors – was completed at the end of the XVIII century, and another – the three-story – Hospice House – carried out at the beginning of the XIX century.

In the first years after the revolution, the monastery was closed and the flow of pilgrims has dried up. The first departmental recreation and pioneer camps appeared on the shores of Seliger in the 30-ies of XX century. Not far from town Nicola Horn in the West Bank emerged Sports Center Company "Spartak" has transformed now into the hostel, "Ha Tinh forest", then – summer camp and boarding Ostashkov tanning. Finally, in 1959, went into service hostel "Falcon", which, together with the tourist center "Orlinkov" on Lake Peno and "The Seagull" at Lake Volga take a few hundred tourists at a time. These three bases in the 70-80s mostly provided implementation of the so-called "Upper Volga Around the World.

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Support Your Child In Their Initiatives

Trust your child, encourage you, support you. It respects their pace, accompany him in his interests, offer constant affection and everything will work, you can not see it at first, it may seem that it is hard, you’re aground, but medium-term you will begin to see the fruits that gives treat your children as human beings of full-fledged, trusting in their abilities and interest you by their concerns. It is important to accompany the children in those things that interest them, encourage them, even enthusiastic for their hobbies. One of the most important things that gives you educate at home is to have time, especially for children. Suddenly they discover that they have time for themselves, and want to use it in multiple ways, and at that time it is important to respect their decisions and understand that almost everything is valid.

Almost everything our children do gives them something, whether it’s play, reading, sports, build models or sing, even when it seems that don’t do anything your mind working. It is important to learn to assess everything that our children are doing, because everything carries a learning and enrichment, but only is you knowledge of oneself. If in addition we get involved and accompany them in their projects, enthusiastic children and their creativity expands, flowers, where our imagination could not get. Our children, when they feel respected and have our support are so incredibly talented for so many things that they always exceed any image that we could have in our mind’s as they were going to be or that they could do. We never underestimate the ability and creativity of the human being.

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Many anglers today have already mastered this method of fishing, and show quite good results. Fishing on the feeder, in the opinion of many, is a mixture of bottom and float fishing. Tackle is, in fact, udilnik spinning type, with a very soft tip, which acts as a signaling device in a biting, and fishing line, which put on a special challenge – a plastic tube, bent in the middle at an angle of 120 degrees. To place the bending challenge swivel is attached to the carabiner to attach the feeder. Next to the fishing line tied the leash, the thickness depending on the type and size of the fish, what do you intend to catch. This is suitable for fishing tackle virtually any large body of water, whether river or lake. Before leaving on a fishing trip will have to do some cooking.

As one of the main parts of this gear is a trough (which plays a role not only attract fish to the place of fishing, but also to plummet our gear), we have to cook what we put into it. Today, the choice of bait in fishing shops is vast, but as bait fish come up and ordinary feed, which use in fish farms to feed the fish. Pre-feed to pour boiling water and let stand 30 minutes to him, so to speak Zapara. Bait, bought at the store to mix with water, it is best to do it on the spot fishing, using water from the pond in which fish are going. A significant role in catching on the feeder is the selection of bait or attachment, which on impact with the water should not fly off the hook.

It is best suited to tackle this animal bait, as they are best kept on the hook. From plant suitable corn, potatoes, barley. The choice of the nozzle depends on the fish you are going to catch. Once everything was ready, you can start the most fishing. Feeder fills lure, the hook we catch our bait, we make a throw. The coils are best used inertialess. After the trough lay on the floor, pulls the slack line on the coil, set feeder on specially prepared base, parallel to the surface, forming a fishing line about a right angle. When fishing the feeder needs a good support for the rod, because of its accuracy depends on installation work apex alarm. As has been said, signaling a strike appears not float like a normal tackle, and the soft tip of the feeder. Biting well marked, since at this point tip starts slowly twitch. Must strike when the tip starts to twitch or very often weakens monofilament. Fishing on the feeder is one of the best ways to catch today. It does not require great physical costs, and at the same time no less reckless than just fishing with a float. Article "Catching on feeder 'and other articles about the secrets of fishing can be found on the website.

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