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George Mason University

'With the help of data from the Voyager spacecraft, we found a strong magnetic field just outside the solar system' – explains lead author Merav Opher (Merav Opher), visiting scholar at the Department of Heliophysics NASA from George Mason University (George Mason). "It keeps the magnetic field from the interstellar cloud collapse, and explains the existing long been a riddle of his existence." Above: Voyager flies through the outer limits of the heliosphere on the way to interstellar space. Filed under: Jill Schlesinger. A strong magnetic field, which Ofer and other authors have reported the release of Nature from December 24, 2009, outlined in yellow. Copyrights to the picture in 2009, the American Museum of Natural History. It discovery is of undoubted importance to the future, when the solar system, eventually collide with other like clouds in our arm of the Milky Way galaxy. Astronomers call the cloud, in which we now enter, Local interstellar cloud (SYH), or more briefly 'Local Pooh. Hear other arguments on the topic with Michael Steinhardt. " The cloud has a width of about 30 light years and consists of a patchy mixture of hydrogen and helium with a temperature of 6000 C. Actually existing puzzle Pooh should be somehow linked to its environment.

Occurred near the Pooh about 10 million years ago, an explosion of supernovae creates accumulations of giant gas bubble at a temperature of several million degrees. Streams gas from the supernova ejected under high pressure, all surrounded by a cloud entirely and would have to break up or disperse it. 'The observed temperature and density of the local clouds do not provide enough pressure, able to resist the 'crushing action' of hot gas surrounding the cloud '- says Ofer (Opher). .

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Weight Loss

If you think that your problem of overweight will be resolved exclusively by controlling only the foods you swallow, breaded you are. Diets alone do not serve much, how you yourself may already have or you’ll be checking right?; except to end up taking more weight that even at the beginning due to the more than likely effect rebound. By how to lose weight eating: lose weight eating is based on solid scientific principles of psychology, pedagogy, medicine, nutrition and holistic health; only if you are agreeing on a programme of lower weight with a multidisciplinary vision of the overweight, it is when really will have real chances of success in the short medium long term. 1 Lose weight without diet involves adelgazargradualmente, a healthy and lasting, to avoid the damn rebound effect; It is a process of learning fun and easy to carry; without starving, without weighing food, without calculating calorie/nutrients, without banning any food 2. Thanks to a diet and healthier lifestyle habits (diet, exercise, sleep, relaxation, attitudes, beliefs), rebajaras not only weight, but it will also help you to improve your relationships with others and reduce even your level of stress, anxiety and/or depression 3. It focuses on your person as a whole; It starts by head, not by the stomach. You will help you to do the right thing more often without relying on hardship or sacrifice, new abriendote horizons of experience and since learning that is not centered on the substances, so no generates an obsession for food to reduce weight or leads to develop an unhealthy attitude towards food or exercise to lose weight 4. It is equivalent to take your future in your hands and not follow prisoner of the past; stop feel skeptical; You ensancharas your life rather than narrow-based restrictions is prohibited to banned, because you you rely on what you can do instead of what you can not do.

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Naked King Of Fundamental Physics

UDC 167 +53.01 ABSTRACT In this paper the problem of truth or falsity of the theory of relativity is presented as a purely philosophical problem, which consists in determining the adequacy of reality concepts such as 'time', 'Space', 'movement', 'peace'. On this issue, more than two thousand years ago, tried to draw the attention of researchers Zeno (of Elea), who created his famous aporia, where no adequate definition of reality concepts give rise to formal logical contradiction. These contradictions for the same reason produces the theory of relativity. NAKED KING fundamental physics, or philosophical aspects of relativity theory Einstein With all due respect to the scientific community can not escape the thought that they were misled, that his head was wearing a cap and bells of relativism. But the bitter and difficult path of purification is necessary to science. D. Phil.

Mr. B. Krasnoyar (3) Einstein, abandoning the Newtonian definition of time (duration of the abstract), did not create a definition of the term. And without a definition of 'time', he concludes that the relativity simultaneity, making thus a methodological error. For methodologically wrong, not having a basic concept of 'time', to try to create a definition derived from the concept of 'simultaneity'. In thought experiment, which proved the relativity of simultaneity, Einstein's done another one – now the conceptual – a mistake. In whatever, that is absolutely at rest in the frame of reference – (which in objective reality does not exist) – is considered a stationary rod of length AB.

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