Gregg Braden

We have so many other things to worry about. Question: There are new findings to show that we can think of time as one essentially follows the same rhythms and cycles that govern everything from the particles to galaxies? We can think of these things that happen in time and place within the cycles? Gregg Braden: The basic point is that time is essentially a wave that is moving in one direction. Right now it is moving from the present to future. So, the seeds for things that are happening today and events like the 2012 which are still going to happen have already happened in the past. If we know Where noted in the past, this gives us an idea of what to expect in the present and the future. Waves of Time follow natural rhythms, cycles and natural progressions.

This means we can measure, calculate and predict when the seeds – the conditions – for an event will happen again and again. This means that we can take the year 2012 calculated in reverse, using the natural rhythms to the times in our history when the seed was planted in 2012. Noting the seed, we can determine when the patterns and events that will happen in 2012 were set in motion. We go to the geological record to see what was happening then on the planet. Or we can go to the archaeological record to see what was happening to the people to give us a really good idea of what to expect for these next few years.

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It is at that moment when the process becomes automatic and you drive without thinking, already all brains Act based on same order. Emotional freedom techniques or self-help techniques can currently be used in imnumerables circumstances of our lives, these techniques can help us in cases such as: allergies, weight loss, depression, Anorexia, fears and phobias, pain, etc. But in this case specific want to help you to make you free you once and for all your tobacco addiction. Maybe when you were child (a) you said, escuchastes say to someone or leistes in a tale of real life the phrase never say can’t, as well with this expression we can decipher that from many but many years ago knew the power of the mind and not the minds of those people having the power, notIt is your mind, it is my mind, the mind of each individual is that has power. That is what you have to do to capitalize on that inner strength you have?, simply must acquire the knowledge necessary to channel it and take everything the provecha beneficial that we have that strength, that is a force that was born with you and only your can address it. If you liked this article and are one of the people who want to change to live more healthy years saying I stop smoking, be sure to visit us at o thanks for your time.

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What is the LIMA project? Developed initiative that demonstrates the technological and economic feasibility to drastically reduce the environmental impact in buildings, improving comfort, livability and quality of life. How it shows it? Built housing that reduces a 97.4% of CO2 emissions and a 50% water consumption, in which participates the know-how and feasible commitment to sustainability of 40 companies and two universities of international scope. Is which the contribution of KEIM ECOPAINT in the research group? KEIM brings the treatment of interior paint and mineral Sol-silicato KEIM OPTIL color, along with the protection of woods with natural origin LIVS lasuras. Finishing decorative, flame-resistant, hygienic, antistatic and inhibitor of microorganisms, without biocides, fungicides or other petroleum products able to bring harmful substances or toxic to the applicator and in time the inhabitants of the House. The ecological profile in throughout its life cycle (1/3 of the environmental impact of the water paints) In addition, represents a leap forward in the improvement of the quality of the interior of the dwelling life. Can you see results and build with these advantages? The prototype sits on the campus of the lEscola dEnginyeria i Arquitectura la Salle you where it will be in operation during a year evaluating the previous data obtained in simulation programs. The results will be available in real time on the Web. LIMA is developed by a research group formed by private establishments and universities of Catalonia and Germany with the participation of 40 companies located in Spain, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Canada and Japan. LIMA is not a House, is a weapon to change the future and a revulsive feasible in times of crisis, able to give real impetus to the new generation of sustainable housing.

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Freedom Techniques

We know smoking with an addiction smoking cigarettes, a dependence to tobacco that affects our body. This addiction affects our health causing alteration of blood pressure, elevation of the rhythm heart, bronchial problems, narrowing of the arteries, eye damage, the appliance genital, loss of hearing and sense of smell, etc. On occasions such as smokers we distanced also the health of the family members to the cigarette smoke they inhale when we smoke. These are some of the damage caused in our body by smoking cigarettes. Currently exist imnumerables products to stop smoking and also on many occasions we suspending what we could call the treatment to quit smoking and others finished the treatment but with the passing of time we return to smoking. This recourse to addiction has a lot to do with our mind and our body’s energy, because while it is true that we have detoxified nicotine to quit smoking for a while, is also true that our way of thinking and acting still they kept smoking and even though our body is no longer dependent on nicotine our mind continues to send messages related to tobacco addiction. EFT for its acronym in English (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or emotional freedom techniques is a program of self-help, in other words is a method in which you yourself you help free yourself of that addiction. Studies on the mind and new therapies bioenergetics conclude the problem is in the unconscious mind and this unconscious mind is regulated by three brains that accompany the fourth which is the conscious, the latter is that we use daily and it is that orders our activities, is with this method than your you help to quit smoking. Seeing him in another way. Let’s assume that you’re learning to drive a car, then you are using the (conscious) logical brain and at the same time the other three brains are pending what are you doing until they accept your decision drivers through a primary order and just at that moment when you feel safe and drive without fear is when the other three brains (emotional brain, creative-imaginative brain, animal brain) are synchronized unanimous and accepted the order of driving the car.

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Certificate CNG

MV Frunze. Company of PEC "Sumygazmash" Fifteen years is a serial manufacturer of CNG filling stations, CNG, CNG-gazorazdatochnyh columns 1, CNG-2 and other gas-powered equipment. The company is located in Sumy, today the company employs staff of 300 employees. Integration of equipment allows you to create gas stations with capacity from 40 to 1,000 or more fillings per day. Factory quality system complies with international standard ISO 9001:2000.

AGNK equipment certified in Ukraine (Certificate of Compliance UkrSEPRO UA 1.036.0034184-01) All CNG stations have Certificate of the Russian Federation ROSS UA.A45. VO1387 and resolution the application, issued by the federal supervision of the mining industry of Russia RRS 02 – 8033. NGV filling stations for many years successfully operated on the territory of Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Georgia and Moldova. All models of CNG stations, manufactured by companies that are designed to fuel cars, buses, special vehicles and agricultural equipment with compressed natural gas (methane). Gas through CNG is a complicated technological process and compressed to a pressure of 22-25 psi (220-250 kg/cm2), and then injected into the cylinders as motor vehicle fuel, ready to use. In contrast to the large NGV filling stations of the station is easily located on a small area near the road or the fleet. Gas is consumed in urban gas supply, and of the main pipelines.

In addition, CNG can be installed at gas stations, local, in the wells for the extraction of methane, as well as installed on the oil wells with associated methane. Mounting of the station you must install the equipment CNG to prepared foundations and make a connection to the gas and electricity network. Water for technological purposes is not applicable. Heating in the technological blocks are not required. CNG stations operate in automatic and semiautomatic modes. Automatic system controls the parameters of the station, switch on and off, as well as automatic shut-off station at output parameters exceed the limits. "Firm" Servisgaz "Evpatoria for the period from 1997 to 2005, has commissioned more than 60 CNG filling stations in Ukraine, releasing with 120 units of compressor units. Main production site was "Evpatoria experimental mechanical plant with a production area of 7,000 m2 and a staff strength of 250. In order to expand production and improve technical performance The brand "Servisgaz" acquired a controlling stake in Simferopol Machinery Plant "Progress" and set up a joint venture with Ural Compressor Plant – OOO NPF "Servisgaz." Today OOO "NPF" Servisgaz "supplies the following equipment for CNG filling stations under the brand name" SKIF : 1. Compressor units with a low inlet pressure of GS-2, 3 / 400, NH-3, 7 / 200, HS-4, 2/200G; ami-5, 1 / 250. 2. Compressor units with a high input pressure AGSH-8/4-250; AGSH-9/7-250: AGSH-10/13-250. 3. Device for filling car with gas methane RAG-20. 4. Column for the refueling of cars with methane gas, SCG-1. 5. Batteries gas KD-700. 6. Unit of gas dehydration. The largest manufacturer of automotive filling stations in Ukraine is also of Sumy. MV Frunze. Typically, the full range of CNG implementation: design, equipment supply, installation, training specialists, sales service and repairs performed manufacturers and suppliers of CNG filling stations. They will help you in carrying out feasibility studies for implementation such equipment, so that your business has been profitable.

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Hair By Italian Technology

In stepping up the hair on the Italian technology use ready-made from strands of hair applied to their pitch. Resin, in which fixed her hair, applied at the factory and has the form of small, flat plates. That would place the resin deposited on a strand of hair, use a special electrical device having two heating time. The heating temperature is regulated times and is safe for one's own hair. As resin becomes liquid, it is clamped together with a lock of special tweezers for flat capsules, cooling down, takes the form of small plates. With them your hair easy to comb. The capsules are transparent and completely invisible.

In stepping up the hair we use only the hair of European quality! Their structure is different from the structure of your hair and makes it possible, without causing damage to paint in any shade. hair extension applying a system of PARI, the company Euro. So. Cap. guarantees a top quality product. To form the strands of the desired length (30,40,50,60 and 70 cm) are chosen hair the same length, which allows dobitsya effect the integrity and uniformity.

At the base each strand of hair Euro. So. Cap. uses keratin, not silicone. Keratin – a material designed specifically for hair extension technology. The color tone of hair and keratin capsules special formula allows to reach excellent quality hair extensions. For hair extensions must be from 100 to 150 strands. With this technology it is possible – increase the amount of hair three times, lengthening your hair up to 70 cm, to apply zonal hair extensions (lengthening bangs, temporal and occipital areas), hair ornament with rhinestone hair Swarovski, strands of feathers. Depending on one's own hair growth period of extended wear is 3-6 months. You can then make the correction or remove strands. Caring for hair extensions is not recommended to use a shampoo for dry hair. Be sure to use masks, balms over the entire length of hair, except at the roots zone. Forbidden to go to bed with a wet head. Wash head in a vertical position. Comb the hair massage brush with wide teeth. Italian tehnohologiya hair allows hair at home, and the price of hair extensions at home is not differ from the prices in the beauty salon.

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The Company

In the city Ramenskome, MO open plant LLC "XTC-Rusland 'to produce wood and metal structural beams and frame houses. Beam XTC known in Europe since 1970, when it was opened the first production of this product, and now time in 36 EU countries are working on its production plants. In Russia, this is still the first and only company of its kind. 'Belt' leegkih and solid beams made of HTS dry planed softwood, and connecting them Jumper – from high-galvanized steel with polymer coating. 'Belt' of beams treated with a special ognebiozaschitnym composition. Beams XTC used as universal and as rafters and purlins, and in as girders, columns, framing members. Unique quality and reasonable price XTC beams can save money compared to traditional materials such as the construction of production facilities (Hangars, warehouses, barns, etc.), and the construction of low-rise housing.

XTC beams can be made up to 24 m. The height of bars ranged from 190 to 590 mm. Weight per running meter of the beam is 6.0 – 27.4 kg. Ease beams minimizes installation costs and in many cases, to renounce the use of lifting devices. The manufacturer insists that such a beam is' attractive alternative to wood floor and roof trusses, used as supporting structures, columns, ribs in wooden structures. " The Company 'XTC-Russland' ( argue that it is' a real hit of innovative construction. " In proof that the company began manufacturing and included in unit of frame houses a high degree of readiness.

Houses are made by German technology NAIL WEB, which was based on rigid and lightweight frame made of wood-metal beams XTC, leather tiles green bord. The resulting design meets the most stringent requirements for housing designated for permanent residence – fire, heat and moisture protection, environmental friendliness. Assembly in place skomplektovannogo home is depending on the project from 10 to 20 days. House "turnkey" cost to the buyer of 17 000 rubles. per square. meter (set price – about 9000 rubles. per square meter).

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To search new forms to educate, and more the old one does not pass in the picture and the pupil copies. We have that to search to modify the form as we teach, because only is in the notebook does not want to say that the pupils had learned, must have appropriate rooms for each substance, with demonstrations of practical uses of what we learn in real time. Former: in sciences, we must have lesson in a laboratory with that the necessary professor, if it is to speak on the human body, could have a unit in real size for study. They are simple things, that can make the difference.

With passing of the time you could teach in the basic one, what today is taught in 2 Degree, without losing the quality in the education, quite to the contrary, earning still more, with schools of integral turn, more substances, a richer didactic material of culture, with interaction, a pupil who could come without the notebook, because this already is a self-taught person thanks to the education that receives, with a shining future for the front, and improving each time more mine, its, our country. In the school where I work they are very the problems that we face, however, in my opinion, the greater of them is the violence that the pupils bring for the classroom fruit of the social environment where they live. , I also think that all the school would have to define a set of minimum moral values to which all its members must be committed, the responsible ones that the children in the schools register. These values must be preserved by the schools above of the interests of some pupils and parents who protect its children erroneamente when they practise aggressions. We live in a time where everything can be questioned. However, whichever the ethical values of the family circle, is from them that the limits for education of the children can be established. It is always better to give limits of what not to give them.

In the doubt, the parents must opt to the values that had learned. The problem appears when the parents, from fear or distrust to be obsolete, if omit. The omission will have a high price for the child with consequences in the school. The solution for as many problems faced for the school is in a set of action that congregates politics, community and family public. A ready prescription does not exist, but, a bigger investment on the part of the government in public politics already is a start.

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Zoshchenko Dovlatov

It seems, sometimes, it's a chur 'male' show, where in the morning hangover revelation granted to the 'bis' deepest fears and complexes of the teenager. But this is life, this man is his world +. Do not for this audience and goes to the theater? Kaliningrad first stage once saw mono-Eugene Grishkovtsa experimentation, something similar now creates and Andrei Kovalev in the play 'The day is full of life', only more dynamic, more evil and sharp, apparently, time is different. In this literature, a complex batch Saltykov-Shchedrin, Zoshchenko Dovlatov and Zhvanetsky, someone tries to discern allusions to Venechkoy Erofeev, but there is another hero. It seems like the average office worker, kind of like a normal request, but such a lively and recognizable, but not ruin oneself by drink esthetician with philological education, traveling through life going nowhere. The play's Day, full of life 'Andrei Kovalev exploded Kaliningrad – on a walk, talk, look again. Someone wants to recheck their emotions and experiences, someone opens a second floor to the author, someone just goes once again laugh at the hero, and, indeed, on himself. The viewer allows the author to lightly mock him, over him, over his neighbor – a neighbor, without the end of making repairs, officials, giving empty promises, the oligarch digesting its gold reserves.

Andrew seems to be the hero is easy – it is the external light, in which a person does not think like how, precisely, does not want think about the world, because its building – clean, good and happy. No, not the naive formula 'but there was no war, there is much more difficult – why love is too short to live without envy, when they steal everything, why the world does not so good to you, how are you to him? The questions are many, many of them as intrusive flies disturb all of us at bedtime when we sum up passing day, such a banal and vain at first, but still, it's – 'day, full of life. " Just be yourself to admit it and then everything will work out. I think, in Eugene Grishkovtsa in the face of Andrei Kovalev has appeared, if not a competitor, then at least, a very talented colleague on the Russian stage. Anyway, a colleague of confidence comes on the heels. Klim Chugunkin

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The Advantages Of Renting A Cottage In The Suburbs .

Virtually every city dweller, sooner or later begins to think about how to spend at least part time outside the city. But what if the schedule does not allow for a long time to leave town. We all know what leave the man who so to say, really busy at work. Is that on a desert island, where there are no means of communication may remain so to speak alone with nature. And where there is at least a phone – it is already becoming impossible. After all, if the alarm has already entered as the saying goes, of course, there is a way to not pay any attention to him. But what kind of a normal vacation can be a speech, when at work in big trouble? That rivals arrange another dirty trick, then co-workers and eager to occupy the coveted chair. Now if there was an opportunity for a few moments, well, or at least the clock is moved from one point to another, then it would be quite possible and relax, and keep the situation under control.

However, teleportation of our time fun if not entirely dear, it's likely completely inaccessible. And therefore have a say so, relax, risking everything, or costs without any holidays. There is still an option type in fits and starts, but it's somehow not worth the candle. Now if we could have a good rest somewhere near work especially with this issue in recent years concerned residents Moscow. Ecology in the city every day is getting worse, but the suburbs are being overrun and from burning, noise and crowds can not be saved anywhere. But in reality the situation is not so hopeless as it might seem at first glance.

And, despite the fact that buy a cottage in the suburbs of such a plan, that it was fairly easy to stay virtually impossible, yet the possibility of country rest comfortably in the suburbs there. And this primarily rental house for a day or the next time. Here a question arises that if the move to a cottage at a time, there will have to start to deliver everything needed for life, which in itself is problematic. And the benefits of civilization Russian rural homes do not usually shine. But, on the proposal, which today has a range of companies offering similar services, solves all these problems. If you prefer, you can rent a cottage on almost any time and in any area and suburbs. Depending on the willingness of the employer, it can be equipped with furniture, appliances completely or partially – also depending on the desires of customers. If the that will be needed, the firms offering these services are ready to provide its residents with the benefits of civilization, even such as, for example, spets. Residential staff in the cottage. And in some cottage communities are even opportunities for different activities of those who rest there, such as organizing birthday in nature. Complexes consisting of bars and discos, protected and comfortable, designed to receive a sufficient number of visitors. And in some schools even offer various programs for children's activities, which allow parents and children to rest together, sometimes separated for entertainment, more characteristic of age. With respect to the price spread can say that it is large enough. You can order a stay in a fairly spacious, but lacking so to speak, the full package of services of home appliances the room, so For example vip hotel offers a swimming pool and winter garden on the roof. The same applies to the service.

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