Give to our customers or vendors with a small detail in according to seasons, has become an element of promotion of business, attracting customers and loyalty of existing ones. It is not only the calendar year end, or t-shirt or CAP, nor the cigarette lighter (which as are the fumes!), but now find items claim, increasingly sophisticated and resourceful, related to our business for each season, which reinforce our image. This summer found from sneakers, inflatable Beach pads with radio, water scooters, ashtrays with a lid for the beach, mini-fridges, umbrellas (imagine a beach with several umbrellas with your name…(much is that publicity?),. Everything that our customers enjoy and at the same time show our business name in their day to day. Over time, some of these elements have become object of worship, desire and collection. But who hasn’t heard of the Pirelli Calendar. Thanks to the models selected, each year get out in press, television and thousands of media from around the world and, not to speak of the well that van tyres, not, but of the wonderful women who make up each of the months.

Other more recent examples, would be the promotion of 11811 of this summer that give 68,000 sunglasses among people who use the service (you can already see the announcement on TV). Or promotion that made Saimaza, which handed out fans against the heat and cafes at the last fair, with the aim of enhancing the image of the brand among the visitors of the fair. Still I remember also a promotional campaign that did me get to celebrate the first anniversary of the free daily newspaper Metro in Barcelona. In addition to a mailing in various parts (what in our world is called a teaser campaign), to increase the excitement about the product, in the last shipment I received a label like that you can see in the subway, indicating the name stop but with my name.

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Insulation Thermal

Mineral fibres is used to achieve a level of proper insulation against the cold and the overheating of the House, (can be also derived from wood, as for example Cork, expanded recycled paper). Buildings of trunks, from 140 mm, do not necessarily need no additional insulation. The houses (W/m2C) heat transmission coefficient varies from 0.3 to 0.81 (depends on the type of structure). This clearly exceeds the maximum required by the standard NBE CT-79: between 1.20 and 0.60 for covers and 1.03 on the facades. With a similar isolation level can achieve savings of 30% 40% in heating and cooling of the building compared to traditional buildings.Who like them wood, we are sure that in your House you will install wood Windows and doors. It is a good choice, you will get an economic benefit since Windows and glass doors made of wood with a double or a triple glazing provides maximum energy savings.The thermal coefficient (W/m2C) of these Windows doors can vary from 3.0 to 1.7 (points of comparison: metallic carpentry, double glazed with 6 mm camera: k = 4.) Window with a single crystal: k = 5..

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The Memory

But, one distant day, a wise King reflected on their responsibility, and decided that flowers should be for everyone. If your task was to ensure the best for local people, those flowers were the best that had been in that place and should be shared. Passed a time, they reached disappear conflicts, street fights, and even social classes the flowers were so miraculous that they catered to the rich to the point that were motivated to share their wealth. Poor people forgot their hardships and the sick – as well as not matched lovers – forgot his pain to the be enraptured by so much beauty definitely flowers brought peace. And the King decided to dictate his last act: because peace was so great, did not already lack authority to ensure it, so resigned and established that, since that day, all boys and girls of the village, at least once and – if possible – on its seventh anniversary, Princes of the Kingdom would be appointed. His task as princes would be to make sure that no missing flowers in any corner of the village.

Or what is the same, to ensure that no missing smiles at the heart of any of the people of the Kingdom for many years since you started that tradition. Of done, the small Dalindo reminded many of the stories that his mother, his grandfather and his brother elder, Didaco, told him the wonderful day in which were Princes. That night, the memory of those stories gave him turns and more turns and not let him fall asleep, I was so excited!! morning met seven years and would be his big day. Everyone trusted him and he relied on himself. Dalindo was a child happy and confident as all that is bred in that magical realm, so it was fear, not insecurity, was simply pure emotion that invaded him in that night of waiting but eventually fell asleep, and almost without realizing account was hearing the voices of their loved encouraging him will get dressed already Dalindo,, that today is your big day came to the gardens of the old palace, which remained the place where most beautiful flowers grew, and he began excited to fill the huge backpack that would be devoted to walking the streets during the next few hours.

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Graig McCourry

The film follows Marec (Lino Ventura), a truck driver sent by his boss (Gert Frobe) to find, through the desert of the Sahara in Morocco, a Brash young man (Jean-Paul Belmondo), who is said that it has stolen a truck brand new and with all its cargo. Riddled with bad luck, Marec will face the dangers of the desert, a rather suspicious partner, and a reluctant and misogynistic helper (the hilarious Bernard Blier), until the final apotheosis fight. This is an excellent and hilarious action comedy of the 1960s that offers an interesting perspective on the era, especially the misogynist nature and imperialist rather to the French in the Maghreb during the early 1960s. 3. The Great Bazaars (Los Grandes bazaars) (2002) this fantastic documentary, American director Graig McCourry, was shot in different parts of Morocco, Egypt and Turkey to explore the fascinating cosmos of Big Bazaar, which emerged in a way spectacular in the antique markets of Cairo, Istanbul, Marrakech and Fez, where different peoples from the Islamic world were traveling in caravans of camels, through extensive deserts swept by wind and aggregate settlements, to be able to trade with their products. Today, these large bazaars must fight to survive and cope with economic and cultural metamorphoses that threaten its historical importance in the Muslim world.

The large bazaars invites you to penetrate into places as spectacular souks of Marrakech, the largest in North Africa, where religion and Commerce collide, where each barter involves a ritual choreography of negotiation, where merchants and craftsmen kept alive the most ancient traditions in their daily trades. 4 Another Sky (1954) this British romantic movie, directed by the screenwriter, novelist and biographer Gavin Lambert, has said that it is a treasure hidden and hypnotic. The action unfolds around a demure and mincing governess who comes to Marrakech to take a new job as a companion of a wealthy expatriate English. The story, set in North Africa, tells the story of love between the lone English woman and a traveling Moroccan musician. While they are completely different and that neither of them can speak the language of the other, they become lovers. Unfortunately, after being together briefly, he decides to return to the desert.

Young desperate spends the rest of his life and spends all his money looking for her beloved. The Ethereal black and white photography captures the gauzy atmosphere of North Africa in the 1950s, as well as strange and magnetic force of Morocco, shown here in all its strange destructiveness. 5. The Simpsons special Halloween II (1991) in one of the popular series of Simpsons episodes (season 3, episode 7), the family travels to Morocco. While walking through the streets of Marrakech, Homer decides to buy an old man the leg of a monkey, supposedly Magic. According to the seller, the leg can be granted four wishes, but recommended Homer to be very careful with desires that asks, since any wish can turn against him. But Homer, as usual, fails to follow the advice of the elderly seller come and discover the magic of the ochre city, which has both inspired celluloid. They may stay in one of the fantastic hotels in Marrakech or one of the typical riads of Marrakech, very close to the Jemaa El Fna square. Also you can stay in a magnificent Villa in Marrakech, closer to the countryside of Morocco, where the inhabitants would welcome them with open arms.

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Diego Lopez

Miramamolin is bloodthirsty and respected in fidelity, to the point that the Caliph is surrounded by fanatico-salvaje brutality that springs from his own personal guard: loyal soldados-esclavos – fans of Senegal, who are black, and those who are identified by the Black Guard of the Sultan; to those who are known by Imesebelen. The sultan kept them tied and armed to the teeth; and they remain enslaved and subject to the environment of the tent of the sultan, through thick chains that bind each other; and that through rings link to large stakes that anchored to the ground: in Warrior honor, loyalty to the Caliph and delivery of their own lives in the defence of the Sultan, without the possibility of personal flight. Designed the plan of attack begins a bitter struggle, with addition of the Christian fury that Diego Lopez II of Haro flag fifth Lord of Biscay – and culminated in the victory of the famous battle of las Navas de Tolosa; then known by the plain of the slab town founded after King Carlos III of Spain, already distant from the era of the great victory: in the 18th century. In the battle of las Navas de Tolosa, however, they would participate less than 70,000 Christians, of which 2,000 would fall in combat of fight against the bulk of 125,000 Muslims, that Moorish 90,000 lost life in the bloody battle of the slab. Despite this, and while the dead prevented the vision of the soil, the Caliph arengaba his troops with a volume of the Koran in hand, embellished by an emerald in the Center, while in the other he contended the scimitar. Although little he would help him that sword and his particular vision about the designs of wing; and hurried escape towards the city of Jaen, with the tail between the legs and trot of runs you crook however, that vision of loyalty and soldado-esclavo chaining, as well as display of the emerald in the center of the volume of the Koran, would be exploited by Sancho VII of Navarre that inspired by the aforementioned emblems of the Caliph, both link them to the preparation of the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Navarre.

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Skaftafell National Park

Before leaving the area, we follow the custom of throwing a coin and ask a desire in Peningagja, a natural pool of crystal clear water. We continue our path finding not too many people in our way, in the midst of a somewhat wild landscape and on a day that at times the rain and the Sun forming beautiful Rainbow gave appointment. The next stop was the zone of springs in eruption of Geysir, where the Strokkur, the most famous geysers of Iceland which ejects jets of water boiling to 30 meters in height, at five minute intervals. This made his appearance catching us totally by surprise, while we walked between fumaroles of small size and eruptions that spouted minimum water jets. . Wow!, stay speechless was little to admire the height of this Mr Geiser. Its eruptions are truly every 5 minutes, which met with almost total accuracy. We spent a good time watching it and calculating his spectacular appearances.

We continue towards the gold Gulfoss waterfall with some extraordinary waterfalls. It is a waterfall of the River Hvita of 31 meters in height. We walked for a few minutes for the left margin of the Hvita River in the vicinity of the impressive waterfall to make photos of rigor. Outside the tourist triangle of gold we find solitude and peace that we had longed for so much. We arrive at Vik well into the afternoon and us We stayed at the hotel. In the morning gave us good morning a resplendent sunshine and an extensive and beautiful sand beach black, perfect for a morning stroll and observe numerous seabirds before returning to take the car. We still travel across lava fields located just below the largest glacier in Europe, Vatnajokull. Glacier teaches their language, the road narrows and we reached the Skaftafell National Park interpretation centre.

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Econductor Driver

Internet is part of our daily lives and therefore, as drivers perspective is influenced by Internet. It has created a new profile, the e-conductores. It is a new reality and we know the advantages. What it makes us to be an e-conductor? The e-conductor, before entering the car, uses the Internet to know the weather forecast, the traffic situation, the way shorter or more fast, updating the GPS mapping. But the Internet is also a very useful tool and that makes the e-conductor, makes a much more aware and experienced user. It is a user 2.0 participates in forums about relative to engine, geolocate your vehicle, collates before they choose car insurance and uses digital signature to close your policy. Brands of automobiles, workshops or insurance companies are allied to a digital generation created in the network of networks, and know the contact form required by e-conductores. Knowledgeable about are the opportunities given them. The connection between members and their companies creates advantages for both parties. Between the new realities the creation of new insurance 2.0, a fully customized to the needs of each user. In addition, could be to have the delivery of a part of personalized support from Internet? It may seem paradoxical, but there are formulas to achieve it. Some insurance companies make it as simple as a single click of mouse. For example, we have found insurance Verti, a young company, which will offer this type of online car insurance.

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Quiroz River

Macuange (Ayabaca Hacienda in the 1940 census) is also recorded in the nuclear area and the province of Ayabaca, Ramiro Mattos and florentino Galvez in 1963 recorded the toponym Paltamarca as archeological site, NE of Ayabaca. It arises that the avocado spread towards the South, following the watershed dl Huancabamba where we recorded the Jamanga toponym (Sondorillo, right bank of the Huancabamba) town name Lipanga (hamlet in Huarmaca, right bank of the Huancabamba) toponym this far removed from the original area avocado, unless it is mitmas or enclaves Avocados in this area. To the South West the possible presence toponymic avocado could have moved following the Quiroz River basin through the Caxas province that bordered the Yunga tallanes through rio Chipillico (tributary of the Quiroz), hence the toponymic presence in words such as Putulanga and Lapananga villages of the province of Sullana. By what was said this would perhaps explain the strong presence in the entire Department of the toponymic group with features anga, such as those ending in gara: Tillingara (hacienda in 1714) Horatanga (according to the Census of 1948) Cucungara, Tangarara, Pelingara in the province of Sullana; Samangara and Cahingara in the province of Ayabaca. ANGA component is not exclusive of place names but it is also found in nominative as Bilitanga, surname of the sierra de Ayabaca. The presence of the ANGA component in some cases committed their avocado with Quechua identification; this reason that was apparently common to vary the quechua K by the native speakers of piurana saw G. Why differentiate some toponyms words as Sangha, Shangala, etc whose recurrence in notorious in Cajamarca quechua or Quechua as Chunga canaris (see Quesada, 1978). It’s funny this last word Shangala (cage made of sticks and pasayo used to store household goods domestic and/or cheese) every time that is also known with the name of AJANGO (substrate avocado in the Cajamarca quechua?).

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Tagus River

Nevertheless not let me scare. I thought, if I just break, I already fix with glue then but today I run and pass. So I ran and spent! First phase, testing physical mission accomplished! Now came how easy. Examination type test of the chosen profession. Me I browsed masonry (knew enough level pawn by having spent some seasons doing such, by issue of pasta). Peeeeero when I saw the review with the twenty questions with four possible answers, I saw that he did not know any! -Aaaaaaaaaah, this cannot be! Took the questions of architectural books, it was a meltdown among Masons. Everyone gave me soups with wave in terms of practical knowledge, because it was his profession, but clear a bricklayer does not study books to be, learn the craft in the Tagus River, this was an ambush! Good! I went back to calm me and I said to myself, it is clear that by pure chance some could hit so I started to be used, the etymology, the deduction, the reductio ad absurdum and any other trick of that nature to answer them all (not detracted failures nor the without) (response, was another era).

He knew that he could have succeeded, but it was a rare feeling, leaving a review without having any certainty of what you have done, knowing that in the worst case you can have successful some, although you do not valieran to approve, and at best get even note. In any case he had to take a five to pass and move and each of twenty was counted as point. Zumbao I went home and I threw in iron on encyclopedias and dictionaries had (of course, not there Internet), to see that con. He had done in the examination.He had successful ten – Fiiiiiiiuuuuuuuu! -Got five! I had four bad, and the rest I couldn’t find anything, so you could skip anything, but my goal was achieved, which was the main thing.

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Egypt Hotel

Transfer to the hotel was 40 minutes. The bus was carrying at the two hotels, and our was the first. On the way to guide talked about Egypt, gave helpful advice. Upon arrival, came with us, helped to fill in the card settlement, said, when waiting for a representative Anex Tour, working at our hotel. We settled quickly and without problems (though at the reception I gave $ 5 just in case, as many gave more. But once he realized that you could not give – all well settled.) Us gave room near the reception (but not in the same building) overlooking the pool (I asked) and on the ground floor. The room had two beds wide (forty-meter wide). After 5 minutes and rolled another folding bed.

So the four of us accommodated quite comfortably. Standard rooms are very large, very comfortable and clean. The room – a refrigerator with two bottles of water, safe, television, hair dryer, electric kettle, tea bags and coffee, tea, dried cream, sugar and sweeteners. Phone not only in the room on the bedside table, but even in the toilet. Around large, comfortable mirror. The rooms on the upper floors – balcony.

We also had a nice terrace with table and chairs, overlooking the soft grass with klumbochkami, trimmed bushes and trees. Most striking in this hotel – the territory. Place a lot, around palm trees, flowers, trimmed bushes. Grass is very thick. Children love to wallow in it. Large pools (7 items) – two heated (the children are just not vytyanesh), two with salt water.

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