General Objective

The school is an organization human being where the people add efforts for a common educative intention. 3. 3,1 OBJECTIVES General Objective the objective of the work is to rethink the possibility in uniting the use of the games to daily of the professor, assisting the learning of the mathematics when propitiating a scene where new situations are presented. Introducing, also, one forms of the professors to discover, without constaint for the young, which the difficulties or the points not so clarified of the studied contents. Moreover, to stimulate the use of the logical reasoning, since, after the learning phase, the pupils start to weave strategies and to elaborate plays to win the adversary. 3.2 Specific objectives? To present some suggestions of games of easy confection, pleasant to the pupils and that they can be worked in classroom, despertando the interest of the students and assisting the learning of the mathematics.

To apply the suggested games and to evaluate of subjective form the envolvement of the pupils with the game, its developed applicability and capacities 4. PRESENTED GAMES? Handle rods: (a) N of pupils: 2 participants for game; (b) Duration: Time to conclude the game or 20 minutes; (c) Objectives: To develop the concentration, mathematical reasoning, and the arithmetical operations; (d) Contents: addition, subtraction and multiplication in the set of the natural numbers; (e) Used material: Industrialized material of the 1,99 or with palitos of churrasquinho painted in the colors: 10 yellow ones, 7 greens, 6 blue ones, 5 red and 1 black color in a total of 29 palitos. Educative Bingo or Lottery: (a) N. of pupils: At least 4 participants; (b) Duration: Necessary time for the accomplishment of the game; (c) Objectives: To develop the attention to the concentration and mathematical reasoning with the basic operations; (d) Contents: Multiplication, addition, subtraction and division; (e) Used material: Industrialized game of the 1,99.

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Objectives General

Objectives General? To perceive the literary writing feminine front to the masculine writing in the contemporaneidade, and its contribution in the construction of the comosujeito woman in the social process. Specific? To understand the woman in the current literary context; Focar the literature as half of emancipation of the woman and ccomplishing of its proper discovery; To observe literature as plaintiff of the feminine identity. Methodology This research is attended of bibliographical source. We count on the contribution of authors as: Woof (1996), Yourcenar (1980), Wedge (2001) among others to strengthen thematic the boarded one in such research. The research of bibliographical matrix found here enriched the study in question. This study it tries to approach the woman contemporary and the influence that can exert the literary writing in its life and its social independence. Summary? The feminine writing in the contemporaneidade and its possible victories; The woman in current literary context and the happened impasses of the masculine writing; Literature and its contribution for the feminine emancipation; Literature and identity in the feminine scope.

Theoretical basement Notices that the marks that still separate the woman of the masculine privileges are clear. In literature, this optics would not be different. The woman, until the end of century nineteen was seen as a passvel being. When the acometia masculine writing the woman, this age alone sight as a lack and a possible satisfaction of the masculine ego. What it referred to the feminine mysteries and to its you distress were suffocated. The man when writing on the woman, allowing it protagonist of its workmanship, as the romantic Iracema and the Capitu realist in century nineteen, exposed it its life, its ways and position, however its voice was not allowed. Omitting the possibility of its position in way to the social one by means of literature.

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The income will depend on the initial deposit. The essence of the work boils down to finding the so-called arbitrage situations (forks), resulting in different bookmakers on sporting events. The strategy is based on the rates is to put on all possible outcomes of the match – to find a "fork" 'Fork' is an event in which participants bet, betting on match wins in any case, regardless of the outcome of the match. Outcome of the match may be the victory of the first team or second team victory. For example, in tennis, the match could be the first participant in the victory or the victory of the second participant in football, winning the first team, a draw or victory for the second team. Since different bookmakers differently estimate the chances of winning this or that party, the odds for the same event in different Bookmakers may vary. Thus, by placing each of the outcomes of games in different bookmakers: in one office to win the first person in another office to win the second participant, in the end there is a possibility be a winner regardless of the result of a match! But there is another way – ready to use the forecast for the upcoming game from a team of experienced analysts! In this case, there is no need six months to study the emerging game, you can make a few bets a day with a good ratio, and receive a great increase in personal finsredstv. Yes, for the predictions in this case, you must pay some money to analysts, but teams are always honest attending post-pay, ie, You pay for a forecast only after receiving the prize! So you are insured against fraud, while analysts have an extra incentive for higher quality forecasting. One such teams of analysts offer their predictions on sporting events on the site. An additional aspect of their work is the issue of free forecast, in the event of failure to perform the previous (and this naturally can also be without losses impossible), so you have the ability to quickly win back the lost part of the bank. Experts are working quite well at the moment the winning percentage of predictions from them approximately 80%.

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General Law

To this end, the intervention of the referee or anyone of the referees is enough whom the court designates. The file of the by arbitration process is conserved in the archives of the Notary protocolises who it. The Notaries they only can send testimonies or simple copies of the protocolizacin writing, or copies certified of the file, to request of the authorising ones of the by arbitration agreement, or by judicial mandate. Except for the arranged thing in the previous paragraph, the file of the by arbitration process is conserved by the by arbitration institution, or, where appropriate, by the president of the court or the unique referee. That is to say, this norm facilitates the recording of the by arbitration award when it contains recordable acts, which does not happen in the case of the extrajudicial conciliation, since the norms that regulate the extrajudicial conciliation do not contain a similar norm. 9. VALUE OF THE ARBITRATION According to the final part of article 59 of the General Law of Arbitration the by arbitration award has value of judged thing and it will be executed in accordance with article 79 and following of the same law. 10.

STATUTORY ARBITRATION Article 12 of the General Law of Arbitration establishes that the stipulations contained in the statutes or equivalent norms of civil societies constitute valid by arbitration agreement or mercantile, civil associations and other legal people, who settle down obligatory arbitration for the controversies that could have with their members, partners and associated; those that arise between these with respect to their rights; regarding fulfillment of the statutes or the validity in the agreements, and for the others that turn on matter related to the corresponding activities, aim or social object. The General Law of Societies establishes in its article 48 that does not come to interpose the judicial actions contemplated in this law or those of auxiliary application this one when obligatory content in the social pact or the statute exists by arbitration agreement that puts under this jurisdiction to solve the discrepancies that are provoked. In the second paragraph of the same article one settles down that this norm is of application, to the society, to the partners or administrators even though at the time of provoking the controversy they would have stopped being it and to the third parties that when contracting with the society are put under the by arbitration clause. In Libro I titleholder People of the Civil Code Peruvian of 1984 in which the association is regulated, the foundation, the committee and the communities farmers the arbitration is not regulated. 11. TESTAMENTARY ARBITRATION In article 13 of the General Law of Arbitration one settles down that the testamentary stipulation provides effect like by arbitration agreement that arranges arbitration to solve the differences that can arise between the nonunavoidable or legatarios heirs, or to the portion of the inheritance does not hold to legitim, or for the controversies who arise regarding the valuation, administration or partition of the inheritance, or for the controversies that appear in all these cases with the executors.

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Albuquerque River

Jesus – the Christ – spoke of faith – and its teachings, do not lack of scientific tests – constitutes an apparatus of values ' ' essenciais' ' for all the good men. He is to follow not to follow thus – simple. That is, to accept or not – independently, of the proven source or not, he constitutes only one acceptance of our values for life, our life. doubts only tend move away from this &#039 to it; ' essncia' ' to take the agreement to the field of ' ' acessrios' ' – Clearly some thus prefer, and I also defend until the death its right of its preference. He sees this: he will be that I go to gain an illumination, or I go to facilitate the way to reach it if to come back my thought toward quarrel: It will be that Budha was same fat person? He will be that It – aid of the father had – not to work? He will be that all its followers – they had obtained to reach one I serve as apprentice of illumination? The one that takes me this? – to one nothing deep, only.

Now – another thing – Leaving of Salvador – to know how many degrees I have to sail in the Atlantic to arrive the Luanda – the one that speed I have to undertake – to evaluate the time of fond – how much combustible I will have to supply – how much of victuals I must storage – is for solution of practical theorems as these that I learn ' ' cincia' '. Because here the knowledge will be essential and not accessory. In the faith what it constitutes accessory is exactly this, – this scientific rationality – why – we are ' ' viajando' ' in another dimension of conscience – that we do not know nothing absolutely as operates. also I believe does not have to be searched or to be investigated. You unite – Jesus said this clearly – when says that ' ' Ventured the poor persons of (in) spirit well (knowledge), because of them it is the kingdom of Deus' (of the belief in the supernatural one), because they veem – and Gods live – with its faith. Still: ' ' He parches he checks because me? Blessed the ones that do not turn however acreditaram.' ' (Joo 20 -29) Everything what it said – everything based on saying of knowledge men – the theologians – not had caused me any intellectual doubt. However they had not added me nothing in faith terms – it only adds in knowledge, it says that me that Pablo made its work in a seriou manner and that until today we harvest fruits of this work. Apolinario of. the Albuquerque River, 09 July 2011

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River Jordo

Jesus taught in them to search the God in first place and the too much things would be added in them. Soon, we have against the doctrine of the prosperity two great norms established for God: ) Not to love wealth b) Searching the Mr. in first place Another point to be observed is that the blessing of God arrives in them of gratuitous form, without no payment, not having It delegated the power of sales to no shepherd, priest or prophet. They see in II Kings, 5:1 to the 27 the history of called commander Naam who was leprous. E, consulted to a prophet of God, ordered it to this to dive 7 times in the River Jordo. After to be clean and I free of the disease, spoke to the prophet to accept a gift as gratitude. In reply, Elizeu prophet said to it: ' ' so certain as you lives, in whose presence I am, not aceitarei' '.

Then the commander if was and a young man who walked with the prophet ran behind its car and lying on behalf of Eliseu, he said to it to want what he had been offered to it. As the Spirit of God was on the prophet, this saw the occurrence all and when inquired the Geazi young man of what it makes, it denied to it, having the intentionally prophet who the leprosy that had been removed of the body of the commander was on the body of it so folloies that it and it knows of close the power to God. IV? CONCLUSION Loved, how many shepherds have fallen and how many Churches are discredited in virtue of the greed of its controllers, of the lack of respect it stops with God and of the form as they mock the sheep. Everything that we are testifying in the times gifts already had been predicted by the proper Jesus and its disciples.

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River Pure Mendoza Tourism

Many enthusiastic ones by the extreme sports choose to spend their vacations in Mendoza. It is that the region cuyana is well-known like a paradise for the practice of these activities. The cuyanos rivers and their fast ones constitute the most seductive attractions for any lover of rafting. The Mendoza river is the star of the film, famous by its degree of difficulty and its adrenalin level. Simply irresistible! The companies of tourism in Mendoza are in charge to organize different types of excursions from rafting, with different levels from complexity, according to the abilities of the visitors and to the water obstacle that want to try.

One of most classic is the excursion to the Mendoza river, classified like of class III or IV. The hard trip around 4 hours throughout the 30 kilometers of this current, from Black Hill to Potrerillos. The day of rafting begins early, with a brief shutdown in the base. There, each one of the participants receive their equipment of security and a series of instructions to avoid risky situations on the raft, and all can be amused. Immediately afterwards, each guide leads to his group towards the raft and everybody taking an oar. The initial part of the Mendoza river is quite calm, which allows the occupants to delight with the view of mountains and colorful hills.

Then, the current becomes a little more violent and begin sacudones. The direction of the raft must stay at all costs, reason why a concerted effort of the group is required to maintain it in way. Luckyly, the fast ones alternate with sections calm more, and the participants take advantage of the moments peace to take a breathing. After one he cuts pause to have lunch, the excursion retakes his course. The second part is still more exciting and surprising, due to the great amount of cascades, some fast ferocious and complicated and enormous rocks that appear in the way. The adventure continues between waves and shocks, for great joy and entertainment of the occupants of the raft. Meters advanced more, the river is high and mighty and it becomes more barren. Signal that the raft is next to arrive at destiny and it travels has finalized. It is time to return to the hotel in capital Mendoza and to recover energies for the strolls in the following day. Mendoza provides sinfn to us of activities that the lovers of the sports outdoors will know to enjoy.

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Regina Village

All the documents in annexes. These documents giving in them perhaps options to reflect on some questions and opens possibilities of more studies on the Mount Village or Regina Village/River Tinto/PB. The located Mount indians in the Regina Village in River Tinto/PB existed that is a fact in documents in attached sample this. Venderam its lands show the names of who vendeu and of who it bought, some had been even so and come back text according to work in the textile plant. It will be that as had been left nowadays to influence through the politics, religions? Others had remained accepting the condition of not the indian. When they despertaram for the search and the recognition of its identity was through that? Why? A time that the inhabitants of the Regina Village had worked, had retired of the textile plant and lived pacifically until some time behind. That influences had made the Potiguaras descendants to awake to be recognized? What they had conquered? what they had constructed having its lands in return?

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Sineva Bulava

The Russian Navy currently operates 28 missiles R-29RM that carry, together, 112 nuclear ogives. The Russians are modernizing missiles R-29RM and converting them it standard R-29RMU Sineva, that will serve of nucleus of the force of attack of the Strategical Fleet until the introduction of the new missiles Bulava, naval version of already cited Topol-M missile, and beyond, with forecast of will remain in operation up to 2030. The Sineva, as already affirmed, is closing the cited gap originated for the withdrawal of active service of the missiles heavy R-39. With capacity to carry up to ten VMRI with unitria power of 100 kt and to more than attack targets the 11,500 kilometers of distance, the inactive R-29RMU perfectly obtain to substitute the R-39. The precision of the ogives, even so the majority of cites it to the sources as next to 400 meters, some arrive the referiz it as inferior the 100 meters thanks to the possibility to guide the missile by means of system GLONASS. With such precision, the projectile can act in such a way in against-force missions as against-value. The Russians operate 64 Sineva missiles currently. However, it is little probable that these are operating with the maximum load capacity, that is of ten ogives.

The program of the new Bulava missiles, with introduction in service planned for 2009, has suffered considerable delays, mainly had the successive imperfections in the program of tests. Initially it was planned to operacionalizar them on board the new submarines of the Borei classroom, of which the first unit must soon start the tests in the sea. However, according to some specialists, if the program of the Bulava to continue suffering to delays and the submarine from the classroom Borei, Yuri Dolgoruky, will be ready to be integrated to the squadron, this can temporarily be equipped with the Sineva missiles until the Bulava is ready.

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Amaznia: Sovereignty And National Defense.

The Brazilian territory encloses an area of 8,5 million kilometers approximately squared. Of these, 5,2 million kilometers approximately squared, that is, about 60% of the domestic territory, understand the Brazilian Amaznia, also call of Legal Amaznia. Making border with seven countries, what it more than represents a band of ten a thousand kilometers, and with an approach population of 17,5 million inhabitants, what it corresponds only 9% of the national population, it is a strategical region. The Amaznia, greater humid tropical forest of the planet, possesss incalculable mineral and vegetal wealth, fact that is complemented by this being, according to estimates of scientists, home of 60% of all the forms of life of the planet. The generation of electric energy by means of plant hydroelectric plants is the responsible one, as given of 2006 of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, for 75,7% of all energy consumed for the Country.

The hidrogrfica basin of the River Amazon has a potential of generation hydroelectric plant esteem of 105.000 MW, of which less than 10% they are being explored. The hidrogrfica basin of the River Paran, the second greater of Brazil, has an esteem potential of 59.000 MW, of which approximately 70% already are being explored. This demonstrates plus one of the immense wealth of the region. Certainly the Amaznia is the greater of the Brazilian people well. The deforestation, according to data of the National Institute of Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE), reached the mark of 11.224 kilometers squared in the period of August of 2006 the August of 2007. This corresponds a superior area to the territory of Jamaica.

Nor always the Brazilian society grants to the subject the necessary attention. The ambient devastao in the region has granted to the press and foreign powers pparently solid arguments to give to form the absurd hypotheses. That is strengthened for the idea of if approving in the Federal Chamber (therefore already it was approved in the Federal Senate) the Project of Law 6424, of 2005, that it not only authorizes a great increase in legal deforestation as well as releases the responsible ones for such deforestation to recoup the knocked down trees.

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